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Avi Weisfogel: Dentist, Innovator, Entrepreneur

Over the course of medical history, most of the major innovations that have changed the way medicine is practiced have come from individual geniuses who have taken big risks in order to bring unproven treatments to the general public. This has been the case with everything ranging from polio vaccines, to sterile surgical procedures to the invention of new forms of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. In all of these cases, it has been the dogged work of determined individuals who have been able to marshal their own knowledge and talent to provide a greater good to the public.

One such man is Avi Weisfogel, one of Central New Jersey’s foremost dentists. Having become somewhat of a local celebrity around the Central New Jersey area, the founder of Old Bridge Dental is widely renowned for his excellence in providing patients with top-notch dental care at affordable prices. But even though Dr. Weisfogel is a standout performer in his chosen profession, this will likely not be the thing that history will remember him by.

After years of researching on his own private time, Dr. Weisfogel came to the realization that not enough was being done to fight the scourge of sleep apnea. This potentially killer disease has largely been ignored by the mainstream medical establishment, an oversight that is costing thousands of people each year their lives. Sleep apnea is strongly correlated with nearly every major cause of death of the United States today. These include stroke, heart attack, diabetes, dementia and even fatal automobile accidents. What’s worse, up to 95 percent of those who suffer from the disease may not be aware that they have it.

It was these statistics that gained the attention of Dr. Weisfogel, prompting him to create the first seminar course that specifically trains dentists in the treatment of sleep apnea. Focusing on a novel treatment protocol that relies centrally on the role of oral appliances, a proven method that has been shown to sharply reduce the incidence and severity of sleep apnea, Dental Sleep Masters has been able to train hundreds of dentists in the art of treating this horrible disease. It has been a runaway success.