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Angel Investor Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm Pulled The Blankets Off Trump’s Economic Reality

Donald Trump likes to talk about the economy. He can’t resist the urge to pat himself on the back for the strong stock market values. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to sing the praises of his trade war with China. Trump believes his steel and aluminum tariffs will force Canada to open their dairy market. And he thinks China will take the excessive tariff off American-made automobiles. Trump feels proud, and he feels the United States is in for the best economic years in history. And millions of people agree with him.

Trump’s voter base may buy the unsavory economic Kool-Aid Trump wants them to drink. But investment superstar Shervin Pishevar thinks Trump’s economic forecast is full of hot air. Shervin Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweetstorm at the beginning of 2018. Shervin wanted to warn investors that all that economic smoke Trump filled their heads with would evaporate in 2019. Pishevar 50-tweet investment lesson didn’t register with investors in February even though the stock market tried to adjust itself. Those investors were still under Trump’s economic spell.

But now that the stock market shows signs of investment decay, more investors want to know more about Shervin Pishevar. They want to know where they should put their money in 2019. One Pishevar tweet said all asset classes have too much hype in them. Another tweet mentions bond market yields. Shervin Pishevar thinks a recession may surface if the 2-year yield passes the 10-year yield. That may happen in 2019, according to Pishevar.

Shervin’s tweet about a Bitcoin devaluation came true in November. And his tweet about Silicon Valley losing its startup edge seems to be coming true now that countries like India, Brazil, and the U.K. are in the startup space in a big way. Shervin saw the signs of a recession in February. Other hedge investors saw the same signs around the same time. Those investors jumped into the gold market. Pishevar thinks that’s a safe move. In fact, it may be the only move that seems sensible to some investors

Shervin Pishevar: Monopolies vs. Small Business

Shervin Pishevar has been warning against monopolies for some time. They fundamentally destroy markets and limit innovation. Small businesses have a hard enough time competing against larger competitors. However, when monopolies can manipulate the rules that govern the markets, small businesses have much less of a chance.

Many people know small business as the backbone of an economy. This statement holds true for free market economies. Since small businesses require a lot of hard work and some luck, not everyone owns one. The modern economy can be considered responsible for the demise of small businesses. Prior to modernization, when goods were readily traded between individuals, small businesses were prevalent. Working the land was needed for survival and small enterprises were the only means available.

Today, discussions like Shervin Pishevar’s about small business is not about returning to the old days. It is quite the opposite. The varied interests of small business are good for innovation. This is one proof that modernization is not synonymous with business mergers. The world has become more educated. When only royalty and the wealthy were privy to an education, a monopoly driven economy might make sense. But, now that individuals are capable of valuable contributions to innovation and new ideas helping shape the world, monopolies are poison. Surely, Shervin Pishevar would agree on this point.

Blockchains can make small businesses more prevalent. They transform digital transactions by empowering the individuals directly involved in a trade. Now everything is not a fight when it comes to money. Large corporations do not need to fear blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications. These new technologies offer the opportunity to weed out the transactional waste. If a corporation, or one of its ventures, does not add value, then smart contracts operating on blockchains can remove this aspect. Smart contracts bring a surgeon’s precision to digital transactions.

Small businesses have less bureaucracies than the monopolies mentioned by Shervin Pishevar. More of their operations are driven by filling needs, rather than, the perception of profitability. They simply have less waste, and thus, can form a symbiotic relationship with blockchain technology.

SKOUT Turns Its Users Into Superheroes


The social media app SKOUT has turned many of its users into superheroes recently. In honor of National Superhero Day (April 28) SKOUT encourages its users to give their friends virtual superhero-themed gift. In return, SKOUT would them make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area foundation. And they would continue to do this until a wish was fully funded.

In addition to the virtual gifts, SKOUT also celebrated the day by conducting a survey of its users focused on superheroes. Fully 80 of the app’s users said they wanted to be real life superheroes.

And who were their favorite superheroes? Women preferred Batman while men chose Superman. When asked what superpower they wished they had one-third of respondents said immortality. When asked what it takes to be a superhero in real life 44% said selflessness.

SKOUT has a history of leveraging its virtual gift-giving feature in order to give back to the community. More than 400,000 virtual gifts have been designated for charity use. Throughout its history, SKOUT has made financial contributions to the SF-Marin Food Bank, Muttville and Cat Town.

While many social media platforms allow users to connect and make friends with others it is refreshing to see a tech company harness the power and scale of its users to make a change in real life. SKOUT is an example of how technology can be used for positive change.

But beyond the financial contributions SKOUT has raised national awareness for these and other social issues. Through its efforts, the company has served more than 30,000 people who are food insecure and has facilitated medical care and the adoption of pets in the Bay Area.

SKOUT takes pride in not only bringing new people together but also uniting them in a force for positive change. The app is the largest global platform used for meeting new people and increasing users’ social network. Currently, the community of SKOUT users spans 180 countries and the app is available in 16 languages. Based in San Francisco, the company was started in 2007 and has experienced rapid growth from the outset.

Download the app on their website

Skout’s Survey On Having Online Friends

PR Newswire always has the best information on growing trends in technology and culture. They have recently released information regarding a recent poll that was taken by the online dating and social media network called Skout. The poll surveyed users of the platform to better understand their relationship with the platform, and why users liked their service. The results showed that users on the platform enjoyed having online friends. Statistically, 3 out of 4 people were reported to have a friend or more online that they communicate with, and a second statistic shows that a majority of these people would like to meet someone online in real life.

The information is useful when you consider meeting someone from the internet, but you should always be safe about meeting someone. Meet in a public place over food or drinks, at least until you feel that it is safe to trust this person. It is also not a bad idea to meet in group settings, like at a party or gathering. It’s not necessary to be as cautious when you have been talking to someone on text messaging or on the phone, in my opinion. However, I have found the more you get to know someone before you see them, the better it is in finding things to talk about during your time together. It is a great way to make friends, and you’ll likely find it helpful in building conversational skills.

Social skills are built through repetitively training yourself to engage with other people, and friendships are built around engagements like the ones Skout provides for users. Users can see what the other person is interested in when they log in to Skout. Their Skout profile shows their interests, and other information. Here’s the article from PR Newswire about Skout’s survey.

Skout Is Safe For Teen Usage

Online dating is not a new concept. In fact, people have been partaking in that activity for years now. That’s because it can be hard for people to meet other people in day to day experiences. Therefore, they begin to look online for friendship, companionship, and even love. What has been changing recently is the age of the users. It seems that a younger crowd has now been drawn into the world of online dating.

According to Examiner, there are a variety of platforms out there that teenagers can use for online dating. There are many of them that users can be of any age. Those are apps like Snapchat and Instagram where teenagers have the potential to hook up with strangers. The apps that are more focused on dating like Tinder do have age restrictions. However, people can lie.

Skout is one of the apps that was noted in the list and there seem to be many benefits of that app, no matter what the age. For one, Skout has a teens only section. This means that teenagers are confined to a different section where adults can’t contact them and they can’t contact adults. Of course, people can always lie which is a problem that any online dating site runs the risk of. Luckily, Skout is fully staffed with people who are always on hand to help out with security concerns. Skout is very mindful of every users safety. They will always handle concerns about someone being inappropriate, someone not feeling safe, and so on.

Skout is a great app because it features another safety feature aside from the age separations. Skout allows people the option to talk to users close by or users far away. Most apps force the user to talk to someone within close proximity which can pose a lot of risk factors. If a parent doesn’t want their teenager meeting up with strangers than they can help control the settings. They can talk to their teenager about only using the feature that allow users to talk to other users that are in different parts of the country. This is a great way to make friends all over and learn about new cultures. There’s less of a risk associated with it that way.

Overall, Skout is different from the rest of the apps. That’s because it’s not just an app that people use for hooking up. Skout is so much more than that. Skout has a community feel where users can come together and talk about life. It has a similar layout to Facebook. That’s because users are allowed to post statuses about how they feel. They can write what they are doing, a picture, or how they are feeling. It’s always important for users to use discretion when posting a status about where they are.

YouTube Superstars are on the Rise

What if being famous were easy? What if people recognized you instantly as you walked on the streets and knew you by name? In today’s society and with different technologies at our finger tips this fame, glory and celebrity status can be gained simply by creating a YouTube channel. It is through YouTube that many individuals have become in home celebrities.One such individual is the famous Australian YouTuber named Wengie.

Wengie is known for many things in the YouTube world. One of her many talents include make-up and fashion trends. She creates tutorial videos and shows others how to apply make-up like her. Wengie also gives fashion advice to many women around the world.

Overtime her YouTubing has led her to an in home fame. She has even reached the Asian crowd and has given them separate fashion and make-up advice, since she herself is an Asian Aussie. Wengie is all about natural make-ups and the natural look that beauty itself possesses. She refers to her mother as someone who never wore make-up and only used water to wash her face. This upbringing led Wengie to discover make-up and fashion on her own.

Another rise to YouTube fame can be found in a young man named Ray William Johnson. Johnson is best known as a comedian, producer and actor. His YouTube channel has had roughly three million views and ten million subscribers. This stay at home fame has landed him jobs with FX. One of his most popular webseries was titled Equals Three. His latest webseries include Booze LightYear and Comedians On.

Many other people are well known on YouTube and some of these famous people are Anthony Fantano, Amy Walker, Chris Crocker, Gavin Free, and many more. So whether you are talented at singing, or have a hidden talent, or can make people chuckle with your stand up comedy routine perhaps you as well can become a stay at home celeb.

Protecting Your Reputation Online

The Internet is a powerful place to attain your dream job, make it big in entertainment, me even get discovered, but there are some things that can cause people to ruin the lives of others. Social media is a constantly growing industry that changes every single year, and for those who are in different businesses, they usually find themselves in I different positions with their life because they aren’t exactly so sure about their reputation. A single mishap with their reputation can damage their name forever.

Protecting Your Reputation Online

The problem with some individuals in their business and work is that they get too loose with their Facebook usage online. In other words, they are constantly trying to look for more ways to be free, share their opinion, and be too open online. Some may even post their personal opinions that may or may not be helpful with how you are viewed online. Many people have lost clients and potential customs because of their online status and what it is that they have posted before.

As a businessman, you will come to find that it can be hard and pretty tough at times to really understand the world of social media and your reputation. Single thing that you say online can disturb your brand and make you lose your entire job. Your brand can even close down if you don’t know what you are doing online.

Status Labs is a company that knows and understands the world of marketing and reputation marketing. Your reputation is constantly in question unless you know what you are doing. Status Labs works with different companies and marketing brands to help ordinary businessmen protect their brands. They can educate you and guide your every choice online.

Everything you do online is going to affect your overall company and brand. When you have somebody like Darius Fisher and Status Labs guiding your brand can make a world of difference to your company. Reviews online, what you say, and the things others say about you can drastically hurt your brand without a professional marketing team like Status Labs helping.

Facebook, Reputations, and Smart Postings Online

Where would people be without Facebook? Sadly, in some cases, people would be in better financial shape. Their Facebook activities ended up costing them financially. When on company time, it is a good idea not to spend too many minutes checking out what is happening on social media. Give 100% of work time to an employer. To do otherwise could lead to troubles. People have gotten fired for being too focused on Facebook and not on their job.

Does that mean a person can do anything on Facebook while off the clock? No, there are a lot of problems people run into when their Facebook activities veer into a certain direction. Darius Fisher, the co-founder and president of Status Labs, points out that anything posted on social media sites can eventually cause problems. Fisher’s company focuses on online reputation management. He has seen people create major messes for themselves with employers, clients, and customers due to inappropriate musings on Facebook.

Posting complaints about an employer or venting about customers could end up causing a host of problems. People read those things and get offended. Employers may be within their rights to terminate and employer due to something posted on Facebook or elsewhere online. Using a bit of prudence is always advisable when posting anything. Erasing the offending material might not do much good.

Darius Fisher has spoken publicly at marketing events and given interviews in online publications noting that Google and other search engines index what is published online. Once a post on Facebook finds its way into the search engine result, a crisis could emerge. Dealing with the crisis becomes a lot harder because a company such as the on run by Darius Fisher may have to take numerous reputation management steps to mitigate the situation.

Here is a word to the wise: do not saying anything rude, controversial, or inflammatory on Facebook or anywhere else online. Regrets are likely in the aftermath. Thankfully, a reputation management service can help reverse some of the harm. Hopefully, no one will lose their job before things are fixed.