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You Should Be Watching Chobits

Chobits is an anime adaptation of the manga by the same name. It follows Hideki Motosuwa as he moves from the country to attend a better school. One of the best high school anime around. The transition from country to city is huge, and he is chronically worried that he won’t fit into his new lifestyle. Even though he has concerns about living in the city with its high tech, he is smitten with the idea of owning his own persocom, a personal computer that has a human shape and personality.

He is ecstatic when he finds an abandoned persocom on the way home one night and activates it immediately. Even though he thinks that the persocom may be broken, he is still happy to have her. Shortly thereafter, he affectionately names it ‘Chi.’

Chi is an iconic character in her own regard, with a simple yet unique design that makes her stand out among other female anime leads. She has white and pink ‘ears’, long flowing hair, and a sweet disposition. She wears an array of ornate costumes and is devoted entirely to Hideki.

While this rom-com sci-fi anime yuri starts out light and fluffy, it soon reveals the darker aspects of such advanced technology, as well as the mystery of where Chi came from.

With great writing and an excellent underscoring of the overarching story via a ‘mini-series’ in the show itself, Chobits comes together to form an interesting show.