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TMS health solutions, on the frontline of stable mental health through innovative treatments

Clinical depression and other psychiatric conditions such as anxiety are on the rise with over 300 million across the world being affected. It is among the leading death causes as tons and tons of people seek comfort and closure through suicide. Fortunately, as facilities like TMS health solutions continue to come up with innovative solutions on each dawn, the world can now hope for a future where such conditions reduce tremendously.

About TMS health solutions
TMS health solutions is a company that has been here for over decade now as it was established in 2007 by Richard Bermudes. The company continuously researches new and efficient treatment methods for mental conditions through its state of the art facilities situated in San Francisco. Initially, TMS health was known as Mindful health solution, but it switched its name to TMS so it can reflect the kind of TMS therapy that it provides. TMS is an acronym for transcranial magnetic stimulation which is an alternative treatment for patients suffering from severe depression. Ever since it got FDA approval in 2008, TMS therapy continues to scale great heights and has helped myriads of mental condition patients lead a better and healthy life.
Unlike the regular treatment for depression, TMS therapy takes a different approach known as shock therapy or ECT. It is often done under general anesthesia and works by sending electric currents into prefrontal cortex of the brain which in turn boost the cell activity causing effective communication between the neurons and increased blood flow to the tissues. The process creates changes in the mood regulation part of the brain and the patient starts feeling much better and in control of their day to day lives. TMS therapy is one of the best alternative treatments for clinical depression and other mental conditions as it has minimal side effects and there is enough evidence from the numerous patients who have undergone it to prove that it works. What’s even better is that TMS health solution is at the frontline of combating depression and mental conditions by making the service more accessible and affordable through its partnerships with various insurance providers. The kind of treatments offered by the psychiatric company are covered by major insurance companies such as United Healthcare, Anthem, Cigna, Optum among a few others so all mental health patients can get a chance to lead a better life. It has various office locations in Northern California such as Sacramento, UCSF in Oakland and plans to set up many others so patients can quickly reach them. TMS health solutions boasts a team of highly proficient yet hospitable staff who work around the clock to research, educate and treat mental conditions and make the world a better place for everyone.

How GoBuyside Helps Firms Recruit The Perfect Financial Talent

For investment firms, hedge funds and financial advisory companies, the right personnel can mean the difference between success and disaster. Now, one company is making it easy for financial firms, large and small, to recruit the right people for their business. That company, GoBuyside, has become the leader in finding the best and the brightest in the financial world.

Based in New York City, GoBuyside is the top recruitment firm for hedge funds, private equity firms as well as investment managers. To date, GoBuyside has placed candidates for over 400 clients on four continents. Altogether, the recruitment firm has a talent network of over 100,000 qualified candidates, from every area of finance, to ensure that clients can find the perfect person for their needs.

So how does GoBuyside do it? Through their innovative platform, GoBuyside makes it simple for a client to search the database of the most experienced and qualified candidates in the financial sector. The result is a recruitment process that saves the client time and money.

No matter what kind of project a financial firm is undertaking, GoBuyside has the talent available on an “on demand” basis. The firm offers six categories of talent tailored to a financial firm’s specific needs. Need to draw from an experienced talent pool to research a market? GoBuyside can find the right people to perform competitive analysis, market analytics, research, as well as create new market entry plan.

If an executive or a team is looking to start a business, GoBuyside can find the right people to help create a business plan, perform presentation development, as well as perform a SWOT analysis. Or how about growing a business? GoBuyside has talent experienced in the areas of market collateral, marketing planning, and new market entry. For those looking for talent to manage a business, GoBuyside has talent with experience in financial projections and analysis, operation process as well as talent versed in the art of creating the perfect pricing strategy.

Companies interested in raising capital can find talent that can put together fundraising presentations, offer advice on business ideas, or help create a strategic growth plan. Finally, GoBuyside can help companies interested in selling their business. The firm’s talent pool is rich with experts in presentation development, performance metrics as well as calculating company valuation.

Finacial firms cannot succeed with the right talent. In fast-moving markets, companies can not afford to waste time putting together the right team. GoBuyside is a 21st-century platform for those who need the right talent, right now.

Understanding the American Institute of Architect (AIA)

     Robert Ivy was appointed the Executive VP and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) on February 2011, an excerpt on the Steel Institute of New York reveals. The premier organization represents design and construction professionals and licensed architects working in the US. The Washington, DC based AIA operates on an annual budget of $56 million and employs slightly over 200 professionals. Prior to his appointment, Robert was the Editor of the Architectural Record run by FAIA; VP and Editorial Director for the McGraw-Hill Construction; principle with the Ivy Architects and Managing Partner at Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy.

During his tenure at Record, the journal became one of the largest circulating publications in the US. At McGraw-Hill Construction, Robert oversaw the editorial quality of the organization’s numerous online and offline publications. Robert served at Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy for close to 14 years. Following his stellar performance in advancing the architectural trade, he was chosen the recipient of numerous awards of excellence. The most prominent include the 2010 Alpha Rho Chi’s Master Architect and the 2009 Crane Award offered by the American Business Media. The latter is a lifetime award offered every year to honor personalities who make the greatest impact in the media industry.

The Alpha Rho Chi’s Master Architect, on the other hand, is a fraternity that mostly communicates new design ideas to up-and-coming architects and design professionals. The history of AIA dates back many years. According to Wikipedia, the AIA was established in 1856 to advance educational ideals and expand its outreach through government and community advocacy. In advancing its broader aims, AIA offers wide ranging resources to architectural professionals; conducts market research and offers critical analysis of economic factors affecting its vast pool of professionals. Currently, the number of licensed architects and professionals served by AIA is fast approaching the 100,000 mark.

AIA membership constitutes; Architects, Allied members, Associates, Emeritus members and the International group of associates. The members are required to ply their trade in accordance with set professional code of ethics and conduct. As the AIA CEO, Robert is tasked with directing organizational focus on design matters, promoting public understanding of architects and architecture and collaborating with the 300 chapters of AIA in the US and architectural interests overseas. In terms of education, Roberts holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English language from the University of South in Tennessee along with a Masters in Architecture from Tulane University in Louisiana. According to the Tulane School of Architecture, Robert Ivy also serves on the advisory panel of the following architectural schools:

  • Mississippi State University
  • Tulane University
  • Auburn University’s Rural Studio
  • School of Architecture at Tongji University in China


Betsy Devos – on topic article

As Betsy Devos takes over the Department of Education, some are noting that there’s two sides to this coin. Born to a conservative Michigan family, some remember Devos as a woman who has always been willing to give her time and money to people who need it the most. Yet, even with this working knowledge of her background, there are others who see Devos in a different light in the political world. How she’s framed there largely depends on who is answering the question. To some, she is the fierce fighter looking to generate change in the way the country handles its educational policies. To others, she’s a slick operator in a Trump administration that has brought criticism down on her head. Learn more:


Devos has noted in interviews that the origin of her passion for education comes from her upbringing. Growing up in a community where people largely sent their children to religious schools in hopes of carrying on long-held traditions, she has seen the power that this model has for helping communities build continuity. More than that, she’s seen that when parents are empowered to choose schools for their children, multiple parties tend to benefit.


This is what has led Devos into the national spotlight. Her and her husband have given millions of dollars through their foundation and personally to a wide range of causes. They have supported the arts and educational charities just the same. While she had been making an impact with this charity, her move into politics is about creating change on a bigger level. While some people might see her a political mover and shaker, she just sees herself as a reformer. In a country where educational policy has largely been stuck for a long time, she believes that there are good ideas just waiting to be implemented if people will just show some creativity.


Devos specifically cites a number of states where a school choice model has been beyond successful. She has seen, for instance, how parents in Louisiana have responded positively to the opportunity to put their kids in specific schools rather than having to just accept whatever the state provides. While critics of her policies note that the public school system should be the focus of government policy, Devos suggests that her duty is to the parents who are just trying to do the best for their children. She has to think practically about education because it has practical consequences.


All of that makes sense to those who have known her the longest. Devos got involved decades ago in education reform after trying to find appropriate schools for her own children. She came to understand that it’s often a real challenge to place children in schools where they will succeed. Seeing how difficult and convoluted the process was then, she jumped at the chance to get involved in politics in a way where she could really make change. She set out to create policies that would help all parents give their children the best chance.

Who’s One Of The Oldest Professional Organizations In The United States? The American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 after 13 architects convened to protect the integrity of the field of architecture.

In order to rightfully claim to be an architect, a designer must be formally registered with the American Institute of Architects. There are currently over 90,000 architects throughout the United States, formally known as architect members, and denoted by the initialism AIA.

Robert Ivy has been the Chief Executive Officer since 2011, and also serves the AIA in the role of Executive Vice President. He first attended Sewanee, The University of the South, in earning a bachelor’s degree in English. Mr. Ivy then went to Tulane University and got a master’s degree in Architecture.

Ivy has been the recipient of several awards throughout his career. He is the only architect to have been named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, the national fraternity of architecture in the United States, in the 21st century. Mr. Ivy is one of only seven people to have been handed down this award in the more than one hundred years Alpha Rho Chi has been around.

Mr. Robert Ivy has also been the editor of Architectural Record, a magazine on architecture and design that’s distributed throughout the United States and most parts of North America. He started his career as Editor in Chief of the magazine in 1996. Later, he became Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, a conglomerate of media publications that all regard architecture, buildings, and other pieces of stationary equipment around the world.

He is trusted by many others in the community of architecture. Several years ago, Robert Ivy helped compile the information for and write a biography about Fay Jones, someone who got to learn directly from Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the top architects in the United States in modern days.

He helped win several awards for Architectural Record, including 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards.

Alongside the other 90,000 members enrolled in the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has helped grow the group into being one of the largest professional organizations in the United States.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Integrative Cancer Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is collaborating with Allscripts and NantHealth in carrying out a practical tradition solution that enables eviti, a NantHealth medical consultation support solution, the right of use of clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise Electrical Health Record. With the efficacy of this support solution, the Clinical Pathways program guarantees adequate cancer treatment progress with no interruption with the practitioner’s clinical workflow. The clinical operating system (NantOS) was developed with the participation of some oncologists throughout the nation and embraces an inclusive group of progressing cancer care data.

Clinical Pathways considers the patient and incorporates the most recent cancer research, therapy programs, and similar treatments into the Allscripts Sunrise Electrical Health Record, enhancing the oncologists’ capability to come up with a list of care procedures.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a countrywide network comprising of five hospitals that cater to adult patients who are suffering from cancer. CTCA provides an integrative tactic to provide care that combines improvements in gene testing and intensive cancer treatment, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, with evidence-informed supportive therapies considered to assist patients emotionally and physically by guaranteeing quality life while handling side effects that occur during and after treatments. Cancer Treatment Centers of America attends patients globally at its hospitals in Phoenix, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and Tulsa. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides general information about therapies choices to the patients and the caregivers and ensures they actively participate in therapy decisions.

Richard J. Stephenson, the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, established the center after the death of his mother who had cancer. Richard felt the need to offer more treatment options since he was not contented with the therapies, which were provided, to his mother. In 1988, he initiated the first center, followed by others, which were established, between 2005 and 2012.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) And What It Does

     Due to the reason to support and make a good working environment for the architects in the US, American Institute of Architects (AIA) was established. With its headquarters in the Washington, D, C, AIA is committed to training architects, supporting them regarding career development and making sure that a good architectural image is presented to the community. In addition to that, the AIA works closely with the design and construction team to revamp the building industry through enhanced coordination.


The Executive Leaders

Presently, the AIA is under the leadership of Robert Ivy, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Thomas V, Voiner serves as the president. The leadership of the AIA is based on the focus on key goals which is to make sure that the community is served with the best architectures that have a clear comprehension of modern building and construction techniques. It is important to note that the organization has done pretty well under the leadership of Robert Ivy, and Thomas V, Voiner as the tow keyleaders.


Brief History

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857 in the New York City by a group of thirteen architects who were looking to modify the architectural industry by coming up with the modern construction solutions. With Richard Upjohn as the first CEO of the organization, they came together on February 23, 1857, and invited sixteen other young architects to join the team so that its impact on the society and the department of engineering could be enhanced. In that meeting, the members of the organization came up with constitutions and by-laws that governed all the undertakings.



Since its launch, AIA has gone through ups and downs, but its primary goals have never been shattered. Through training and support provided to the architects by the organization, the construction industry has done lots of amazing work. The modern buildings have the great architectural touch that makes them strong and durable; courtesy of the organization, through the training and constant exposure to the modern technological construction tactics.

Robert Ivy is one great leader that has an unshakable belief in teamwork and coordination. That way, he has influenced the staff and other aspiring engineers to leverage the power of teamwork in ensuring that the impossible is made possible. With that kind of spirit, Robert Ivy has made it possible for the AIA to gain lots of recognition from all parts of the world as the best organization for architects.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Gives Hope to Cancer Patients

The most prevalent form of malignancy in men is prostate cancer. To promote prostate cancer’s awareness, the NFL, LabCorp, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) joined hands in educating men and increasing cancer screening accessibility. The team projected that 2,000 men with ages of 40 and above meeting the eligibility requirements for the screening could benefit from the exercise free of charge. At the end of the 2,000 males’ target, other eligible men would be able to access screening at LabCorp’s clinics at a discounted price.

The American Cancer Society gives an estimation of 161,360 new diagnoses of prostate cancer for 2017 because 1 in 7 men develop prostate cancer. High-risk men should get screenings from the age of 40. Race and family history are the most common risk factors for cancer. The African-American men are at a higher risk of suffering from the disease. The public service announcements’ prostate campaign, termed Prostate Pep Talk, a team consisting of Herm Edwards, Bill Cowher, and Dick Vermeil raised awareness of the risks of prostate cancer and encouraged men to get screened.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. It consists of five hospitals that treat adult patients fighting cancer. The national network offers an integrative model to healthcare combining advancements in precise cancer therapy, genomic testing, immunotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, with evidence-based supportive treatments. The supportive therapies aim at improving the patients’ quality of life both emotionally and physically. The supportive therapies also manage the side effects arising from medicines. The treatment centers offer patient-centered care in its hospitals based in Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, and Philadelphia.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides unique and individualized care because it believes that cancer affects people differently. The system has helped patients fight cancer for over 30 years now using advanced technology. The system uses an integrative approach to cancer therapy.

Richard Stephenson founded the Cancer Treatment Centers of America after his mother succumbed to cancer. His lack of satisfaction in the treatment options motivated him to start CTCA. The system continues to help cancer patients increase their quality of life.

Find the most information on Cancer Treatment Centers of America follow them on Twitter.

Understand More About NuoDB

NuoDB is an elastic SQL database that is technologically advanced. The database is mainly meant for container and cloud-based atmospheres although basically, the structure delivers five core requirements. The requirements were intended to ensure that the integrity of data would be maintained even during modification of database sizes and execution on demand. At the same time, they also ascertain consistent transactions and the reliability of the standard SQL interfaces that your designers are accustomed to. NuoDB’s peer-to-peer structural design also makes it easy when one wants to insert additional nodes in a manner that saves costs and enhances utilization.

Explore What Cloud Database Entails

A cloud database is one whose access is offered as a service and runs on a cloud computing platform. The elastic SQL database provided by NuoDB integrates the availability of cloud and flexible dimension with the stability and transactional regularity demanded by the databases of record. As such, you can be assured that your application logic is kept simple and your database smart. At the same time, NuoDB’s solutions come with the benefits of maintaining manageable costs and keeping a structure that is attractive, which will keep you ahead of the curve. Their contemporary approach has already proved to revamp database design and management.

Sussex Healthcares Dedication To The Patients

     Sussex Health Care is an award-winning care centre and support services. This group of care homes has provided more than 25 years of healthcare offering a range of person-centred services. They provide not only care for older people but care for dementia patients, neurological care, and care for those with learning disabilities and profound multiple learning disabilities.

Senior Living Facility

Sussex Health Care knows that it is an important decision when it comes to choosing the right senior living facility. They are dedicated to helping provide a safe and comfortable environment that includes stimulation and support for all the individuals maximizing their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Dementia Care

Dementia care has recently come into the limelight of the healthcare industry because of the increase in the age of the population. At Sussex Health Care they believe that dementia patients should continue living and active life. They offer support and peace of mind. They are committed to providing superb care for those with dementia.

Neurological Care

Sussex Health Care shows plenty of love and care in their facilities that are built for people who require support with their acquired and neurological brain injuries. They have set high standards when it comes to the care and support to individuals with needs. The care homes are designed to help support those with various conditions like Huntington’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, and brain injuries that are acquired including lesions on the spinal cord.


Sussex Health Care offers a wide range of care packaged tailored to individuals with learning disabilities. The services provided for those with learning disabilities and physical disabilities are some of the best in the nation. The care we give is catered toward the patient. The specialized facilities and equipement for a wide range of needs work with the highly skilled staff to provide a therapeutic atmosphere.

Sussex Health Care welcomes its patrons to the care centre and support services. For 25 years they have been providing person-centred services as an award-winning group. They make sure that the patient comes first and offers many extras to cater to the needs of the residents.

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