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Exploring The French Wine Regions With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is bringing the best ion fine wines to the people of the U.S. through an innovative approach to home based parties that have created a new way of exploring the best in fine wines.

For those wine enthusiasts who are feeling a little more adventurous The Traveling Vineyard have been providing details of the best French wine region tours that take place in five different regions of France where wine is of great importance.

Among the regions identified by The Traveling Vineyard as providing the best in French wine routes are those in the Alsace region of the world’s top wine producing country; as this is not one of the better known regions for taking a tour the options available are impressive as wine tourism is one of the most important economic factors for the producers of the region. The varieties Riesling and Pinot Noir are the main types produced and are enjoyed in large quantities across much of the region where appointments can be made at the top vineyards for a tour.

The region of Burgundy is one of the better known regions for wine lovers from across the planet who can indulge in a region of the world where wine forms a major part of every aspect of life; among the destinations where the six different wine routes can take an individual are many different wine fairs and festivals taking place around the region. The many different options open to those touring the region include taking a wine based cruise that explores the different vineyards found along the shores of different rivers.

The Traveling Vineyard has become one of the leading growth areas for the North American wine industry due to the home based nature of the company that employs individuals to work as Wine Guides leading tastings for groups of friends. Over the course of a party a guide will assist individuals in tasting different wines from around the world where individuals have the chance to sample wines researched by Wine Guides with the aid of materials supplied by The Traveling Vineyard.

Independent, Fun, Informative Business Opportunity with Traveling Vineyard

Wine tasting parties in your home, expert training and support, a success kit to help you get started, regional meetings, and an annual Harvest Conference to celebrate together. These are the keys to the life of a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard, the exciting new business model for direct sales of wine.

In 2001, Rick Libby, who calls himself the Chief Grapestomper and Head Cheerleader, came up with the concept of having wine tastings in the home. Taking the lead from some other successful home party companies selling plastic containers and kitchen gadgets, the in-home wine tasting idea took off.

By 2005, thousands of independent consultants were hosting thousands of events in 26 states. The difference with Traveling Vineyard’s direct sales model is low start-up costs, no hidden fees, and no on-hand inventory. The wines are exclusive to Traveling Vineyard and the company takes pride in vouching for the quality of their award-winning product. Home tastings, that are in a very comfortable atmosphere, allow people to sample before buying and have fun doing it.

Benefits of joining Traveling Vineyard include five ‘F’s:

  • Flexibility – work when you want and as much as you want
  • Financial Reward – bring in a little money or a lot, it’s up to you
  • Fun – tasting wine, sharing information, getting together with other Wine Guides
  • Fulfillment – new challenge, contribute to family income, push your limits
  • Friendship – part of a team that supports, meets regularly, enjoys each other’s company

The company’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter is huge, demonstrating the interest in Traveling Vineyard as a growing concept in making friends, sharing interests, and being an independent wine consultant with a great company.