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Wengie Breaks Down Ten Favorite iPhone Hacks

DIY and hacks are a specialty of Wengie’s, and this 10 iPhone hacks video is no exception. In this video, Wengie breaks down ten of her favorite phone hacks.


She starts off with a simple demonstration of adding a little drop of water to the iPhone’s camera lens to turn it into a macro camera and then demonstrates before-and-after photos of a small insect.


Next up, she creates a DIY stylus from a metal pen and a sponge. After removing the pen’s insides and cutting the tube, she sticks in a damp sponge and voila! Instant stylus.


Among the most useful hacks are a sock armband and a method for shortening cords that are too long. The armband is constructed from a long, thick sock. Wengie cuts off the sock at the heel and uses the tube to make a cute, functional armband holder for her phone.


To shorten the cords, she wraps them around a thick pen and applies a hair dryer on its highest heat setting (be careful with your fingers!). This curls the cords, which makes them both super cute and much shorter!


There are also a handful of less practical but fun none-the-less hacks, like turning the phone’s flashlight into a black-light. This is done with a blue and a purple Sharpie and clear tape. By coloring three pieces of tape (blue, purple, blue) and layering them over the flashlight, a black-light is created.


The lava lamp is also a fun DIY on its own, but using the iPhone’s flashlight under the DIY lava lamps really makes the lamps come to life. The purple one she makes is especially beautiful.


There are also several hacks dealing with turning an iPhone into some sort of projector. The first makes a really cool 3D hologram projector using pieces of plastic, and the second makes a theatre-style projector using a cardboard box, Play-Doh, and a magnifying glass. This trick is perfect for having friends over or using your phone to watch a movie or TV.


To find out more about Wengie’s DIY iPhone hacks, go watch the video for yourself.

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