Doe Deere Dared To Dream And Now Lime Crime Top Makeup Brand

Doe Deere really wanted to become a musician after she moved to New York City from her native Russia. She started a band, met the man who would later become her husband and learned a lot about running a business and how essential one’s customers truly are. All of that paved the way in 2008 for the creation of the Lime Crime brand of vividly colored makeup.

To say she was bold and fearless like her cosmetics, would aptly describe this young businesswoman. Doe Deere established her company, mainly because she couldn’t hunt down brightly colored cosmetics for herself, even in a huge metropolis like New York City. So, she decided to start her own brand, and Lime Crime was the name she chose. It’s actually a memorable name for a makeup brand and a bit off the beaten track, but so are Doe Deere and her global community of fans. Lime Crime makeup is unique, and there is nothing else quite like it in the universe.

The cosmetics include luscious liquid to matte lipsticks, sparkly eye shadows and strong eyeliners. The boldly pigmented hues are stunning and not the shades one would ever expect to be worn as makeup. For instance, Doe Deere loves the thought of yellow, blue, orange or green lipstick or shadows in duo compacts of pink and green. It is not makeup for the shy, but it will define one’s personal beauty in an empowering way.

Doe Deere was not sure anyone would understand her modern makeup, but she held fast to her dreams and persevered. Now, the entire world is watching her every move. Lime Crime’s Instagram page has soared to 2.4 million followers. Social media has become a comfortable and inspiring place to nest for Doe Deere. She sees the value in e-commerce and how a social media presence can catapult a brand into stardom. She adores her fans and engages with them often, hoping they see how hard work and believing in yourself will pay off eventually.

These days, Doe Deere is seen as a young entrepreneur icon and was recently named to the list of Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. She also made the magazine’s cover, posing with famous businesswomen Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. That was a special moment for Doe Deere and Lime Crime, the brand she has labored so hard to make its mark in the world.

Doe Deere now runs her independent company out of Los Angeles. She continues to create more and more new makeup trends, like her popular Metallic collection of Velvetines lipsticks and Superfoil shadows. These are incredible cosmetics that offer a sexy, shimmery radiance and seem to sell out rather quickly. Lime Crime makeup is both vegan and cruelty-free and made of the highest quality.

When it comes to community, Doe Deere believes in giving back when she can. The generous businesswoman donates to charities which help children women and animals.

Check out Lime Crime makeup here.