Dr. Jennifer Walden Increased My Breast Size And My Confidence

My doctor said I had some sort of hormonal problem, which kept me from growing breasts like a normal woman. I didn’t even start growing breasts and stop early on at a small cup size; I just didn’t grow any breasts at all. I had a flat chest, and I was told that breastfeeding would be impossible for me. I was very depressed over the situation with my breast size, and I would enviously look at women in the different lingerie catalogs because I knew I would never be them. I decided to ask the doctor if there was anything I could do about my breast size, and he suggested that I get breast enhancements.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of breast enhancements before, but if I would have breasts for the first time ever, then it was worth a try. I asked the doctor to recommend to me a good plastic surgeon, and the first doctor he told me about was Dr. Jennifer Walden. He even went through the different reasons why I should choose Dr. Walden, and he directed me to go to her website. I went home and sat at the computer looking through Dr. Walden’s website, and I was absolutely amazed.

I know that many plastic surgeons will have different things that they can do, but it seems as if Dr. Walden has her hands in every field of medicine when it comes to plastic surgery. I knew that she would be perfect, so I scheduled an appointment, had a consultation, and I was ready to get my breasts enhanced. I decided not to go too big because I didn’t want them to look terribly fake, but I did want my breasts to stand out. I chose to go to a C cup, and I was told that I had enough flesh around my breast area to do this.

Dr. Walden was amazing, and she did an excellent job with my breast enhancement surgery. After healing from the surgery, my check up with Dr. Walden went great, and she revealed to me these beautiful set of breasts that I never thought I would have in my lifetime. I now walk around with pride and confidence, and I have no problem with wearing halter tops that show off my bust area. Without Dr. Jennifer Walden, I would be a depressed woman with a flat chest!