End Citizens United Endorsed O’Rourke Seeking Major Upset Win

Congressman Beto O’Rourke of Texas is on the cusp of doing something amazing in Texas. Polls show he is closing in on one of the most embedded, safe-seated right wingers in the U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz.

In heavily conservative-friendly Texas, one of the reddest of red states, Sen. Cruz was elected in 2012. He has since become a national figure, especially after running for President in the 2016 election cycle. Knocking off an incumbent is always an uphill battle, but in a state where Democrat victories are rare, Cruz would appear to be a can’t lose bet for his party.

Cruz is also flush with corporate cash, dark money and campaign donations from billionaires. Contrast that with Beto O’Rourke who is running a strictly grassroots-style campaign. He accepts only small donation from ordinary citizens.

That’s why O’Rourke has the backing of End Citizens United, a political action committee that is working hard to get big money and corporate cash out of American politics.

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End Citizens United began operations in 2015 with headquarters in Washington D.C. It’s CEO is long-time political operative Tiffany Muller, a person with a stellar track record for fighting political corruption.

End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O-Rourke and dozens of other similar candidates around the nation because they all run the kind of campaign Mr. O’Rourke is pursuing — one with a total rejection of Super PAC cash, corporate money and pay-offs from greedy billionaire oligarchs.

End Citizens United has also been able to raise $35 million with a goal of flipping at least one House of Congress back to Democrat control. The average donation to ECU is just $14. That shows that millions of people support the End Citizens United mission of returning power to the people.

If Beto O’Rourke defeats Ted Cruz it will send shock waves across the political landscape. It will be more than just the successful flip of a Senate seat. It will demonstrate how deep the feeling is among voters that something is seriously wrong with how campaigns are financed in the United States.

Beto O’Rourke and many others are fighting for the future of America.