Four Life Lessons from Successful Businessman Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar, President, TDL Global Ventures, has over 20 years’ experience helping others become homeowners. For several years his company was ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. In a recent interview, Lubar reflected on his life’s work saying, “My biggest passion is helping people succeed and assist them to fulfill their most ambitious dreams.” Todd Lubar has come a long way from his high school job in a grocery store and has recommendations for others wishing to be financially successful.


Organize Yourself/Pay Attention to Details

“I keep myself hyper-organized,” Lubar says, “Knowing what’s going on at each level of my business helps me make informed decisions,” Lubar recommends Fitbit as one of the tools he uses to keep himself on track. “It’s a little outdated,” he said, “But I love it.”


Get Up and Work

Lubar says it takes long hours of work every single day to succeed in business. He says that although the striving entrepreneur might get tired or become bored with some of the mundane tasks, he/she must never stop. “It takes small moments of hard work to get to the bigger places.”


When You Fail, Get Right Back Up

According to Inspirery, Lubar, like most entrepreneurs, made mistakes early in his career and lost money. He had to start all over from nothing. It is likely this will happen sometime to most people working towards their financial goals. “My best advice,” he says, “is never losing motivation…never leave the plate, step up and swing again.” In advocating for this approach, Lubar explains that by getting right back up you will be ready and available for new opportunities. Check out



Think Big

The Magic of Thinking Big by David S. Schwartz is the book Lubar recommends everyone read. Although it was first published in 1959, its lessons ring right 50 years later. Lubar explains, “This book will help you keep your expectations high for both you and the companies you represent.”


Todd Lubar continues to be excited about the business of real estate investing and enjoys working with others who are driven to accomplish their financial goals. “I always like moving forward,” he says, “Because of the innovation and creativity” (that comes from the many projects he sees on the horizon).


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