How GoBuyside Helps Firms Recruit The Perfect Financial Talent

For investment firms, hedge funds and financial advisory companies, the right personnel can mean the difference between success and disaster. Now, one company is making it easy for financial firms, large and small, to recruit the right people for their business. That company, GoBuyside, has become the leader in finding the best and the brightest in the financial world.

Based in New York City, GoBuyside is the top recruitment firm for hedge funds, private equity firms as well as investment managers. To date, GoBuyside has placed candidates for over 400 clients on four continents. Altogether, the recruitment firm has a talent network of over 100,000 qualified candidates, from every area of finance, to ensure that clients can find the perfect person for their needs.

So how does GoBuyside do it? Through their innovative platform, GoBuyside makes it simple for a client to search the database of the most experienced and qualified candidates in the financial sector. The result is a recruitment process that saves the client time and money.

No matter what kind of project a financial firm is undertaking, GoBuyside has the talent available on an “on demand” basis. The firm offers six categories of talent tailored to a financial firm’s specific needs. Need to draw from an experienced talent pool to research a market? GoBuyside can find the right people to perform competitive analysis, market analytics, research, as well as create new market entry plan.

If an executive or a team is looking to start a business, GoBuyside can find the right people to help create a business plan, perform presentation development, as well as perform a SWOT analysis. Or how about growing a business? GoBuyside has talent experienced in the areas of market collateral, marketing planning, and new market entry. For those looking for talent to manage a business, GoBuyside has talent with experience in financial projections and analysis, operation process as well as talent versed in the art of creating the perfect pricing strategy.

Companies interested in raising capital can find talent that can put together fundraising presentations, offer advice on business ideas, or help create a strategic growth plan. Finally, GoBuyside can help companies interested in selling their business. The firm’s talent pool is rich with experts in presentation development, performance metrics as well as calculating company valuation.

Finacial firms cannot succeed with the right talent. In fast-moving markets, companies can not afford to waste time putting together the right team. GoBuyside is a 21st-century platform for those who need the right talent, right now.