Hussain Sajwani Risk Taking Career

Hussain Sajwani is a successful business owner who also invests in real estate. His company, DAMAC Properties, is based in Dubai. Dubai is a growing city that offers multiple economic opportunities. Throughout his life, Hussain has been willing to take massive risks. When he started his company, few people thought he would succeed. His parents encouraged him to attend college. Instead of taking the secure route, he decided to take a significant financial risk and start DAMAC Properties.


The growth of Dubai has contributed to Hussain’s success as a business owner. With the booming economy in the city, thousands of people are moving to Dubai in search of excellent jobs. Many people who live in Dubai earn a substantial income. A high income allows people to purchase housing that is too expensive for the vast majority of residents.

Hussain started purchasing properties in Dubai nearly a decade ago. He took on a lot of debt to obtain his investments. Many of his friends thought he was crazy for taking such considerable financial risks.


Hussain’s investments have tripled in value over the past few years. His company is also more profitable than ever. With all of his financial success, some people expect that he will retire. However, he has no plans to retire and wants to focus on making Dubai a better place to live. Hussain also continues to purchase investment properties. In most cases, he acquires properties with cash.

Company Plans

DAMAC Properties is one of the largest construction companies in Dubai. Hussain has trouble hiring enough workers to complete all of the projects he has available. With the strong economy in Dubai, workers can easily change jobs. Hussain recently started offering bonuses for people who work at his company for more than a year. Since beginning the bonus program, the employee turnover rate at DAMAC Properties has decreased.