Igor Cornelsen Points to Top Banks in Brazil

For anyone who is looking to invest in Brazil, it is necessary to open up a bank account. There are many potential investment opportunities that require having a bank account open inside of the nation. However, with different kinds of banks out there it might prove challenging to determine which bank is really the best. Igor Cornelsen, a prominent banker inside of Brazil points out the different banks and how some of these banks can truly help an investor, whether they are looking to invest in the stocks, real estate or other financial assets.

Banco Bradesco Financiamentos

This is one of the older banks in Brazil. It has been around since 1943 and is seen as a top bank when it comes to credit offerings. American Express interested this bank with its credit card operations, and as a company continually seeking out the very best in financial credit scores, this showcases Banco Bradesco as a top end bank as Igor points out. Plus, with over 3,200 branches around the country, it is easy to find money and to be able to access it anywhere in Brazil.

Caixa Economica Federal

This is a bank owned by the federal government. Opened in 1861 it helps provide unemployment insurance and other desirable services on tumblr. it also is a top bank in Brazil with over 2,200 branches nationwide. It is not as large as some of the other banks, but it does help set up investors and it gives investors direct access to some of the top government grants other banks simply are unable to provide. This is why it is such a desirable bank to open up an account with before moving in to invest.


HSBC isn’t specifically a Brazilian bank but it does have over 900 branches in Brazil. It holds a worldwide presence in 87 different countries. It is headquartered in Puerto Rico, so for investors coming in from the United States, there is already an in. Additionally, it makes it an excellent bank to work with as investors can move their money internationally for different reasons. So, for investors looking to make international investments around the world, this is one of the top banks to consider. Additionally, the bank has over $61 billion in assets, making it one of the larger banks in all of South America.

Banco do Brasil

This bank handles all of the Visa and MasterCard debit cards inside of Brazil. It is also the largest bank in Brazil and, as Igor points out, it is also the largest bank in all of Latin America in terms of assets and third when it comes to market value. Plus, with branches located worldwide (including Miami and New York) it is an excellent investment opportunity.