Investment Tips from A Brazilian Stock Market Business Guru; Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian-based investment banker, a consultant in the financial industry and a stock market businessperson. He currently serves as a proprietor at Bainbridge Investments. Mr. Cornelsen has been in the stock market long enough to understand all the changing trends in the business world. Igor Cornelsen is a great contributor on investment topics thus earning recognitions from the biggest publications firms in the United States such as and PR Newswire. He spends half of his time in Brazil and the other half in Florida.

Dos and don’ts of investing

Igor Cornelsen has contributed greatly in educating investors on the major dos and don’ts while investing. He encourages people to focus on damaged stock investments rather than investing in firms that have financial problems. He says that damaged stocks offer very affordable rates that later goes high after the market stabilizes, thus earning the investor high-profit margins at Mr. Cornelsen goes ahead and advises investors to concentrate on the long-term investments. Long-term investments have more benefits and better financial returns compared to the short-term ones.

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Career Background

Cornelsen worked in the banking industry in Brazil before moving to the investments sector on In his previous career, he was responsible for the management of various leading banks in the world. He has vast experience in the investments making him a role model for many people seeking his investments advice. His sharp eye for the damaged and failing stocks has kept him away from making mistakes while investments decisions. Igor Cornelsen enjoys playing golf in Florida when he is not engaged in the investments.

Investing in other countries

Cornelsen encourages the Brazilians to invest in other international countries. Brazil is the fifth largest economy in the world and biggest in South America. Additionally, the country is one of the greatest sources of raw materials for fast-developing countries like China. Cornelsen, therefore, urges the Brazilian citizens to make the best out of that through investments. In his interview with PR Newswire, he stated that Brazil’s overvalued currency would benefit the residents more if they chose to invest in other countries. The foreign currency differences between two countries would lead to higher profit margins to the investors.