Jason Hope Releases New Amazon eBook

Jason Hope Educating in a New Book about the Internet-of-Things

The name Jason Hope is well known for promoting the Internet-of-Things and to educate others he has published a book named Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution. In the book, he talks about how technology is on an accelerated path and the wealth of technology innovations today. IoT as Mr. Hope refers to this he says in his book enables devices connected to the internet to exchange information and services while interacting with people. This includes both industrial and consumer systems. The book continues to explain how IoT technology is or can be used in business models and why this technology can be key.

The book starts out with an introduction about the Internet of Things technology and acceleration. Then the next chapter discusses enabling technology and key applications with IoT. Mr. Hope says in his book he is educating readers to get them ready for the IoT era in both social and business implications. He brings up how the technology can change things in industries like hospitals, factories, energy plants and even oil refineries.

Jason Hope the author of the book prides himself on being a futurist. He has a passion to ensure people have a clear understanding about technology and he watches the industry to see where future technology is heading. Mr. Hope grew up in Arizona and attended Arizona State University earning an MBA in finance and the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Mr. Hope is known as an entrepreneur, technology writer, commentator, and now author. His focus on the Internet-of-Things he sees where the technology can include daily life. The devices can be for street lights, cars, and electronic devices including kitchen appliances. He also believes it can have an influence on the largest corporations and the global economy. The one thing he believes is that this technology can make life safer. He explains this by using public transportation improvements like monitoring and maintenance. The technology can choose alternate and safer bus routes due to real-time mapping to avoid dangerous road conditions.

Mr. Hope believes this convenient technology will become an option for many in the future since much of the public now depend on smartphones to do things like monitor their home and turn lights off or on when not at home. Because of this type of technology is becoming used by many companies are starting to compete in developing useful apps for consumers. They are doing this as a way to capitalize on this kind of technology.

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