Jeremy Goldstein and Legal Brains

It can be rewarding to help a meaningful mission. It can be fun to do so while chowing down on fantastic food and drinks as well. Jeremy Goldstein, Omar Khan and Jim Finkel are putting together a night of fantastic plates. The aim behind this is to help a group that’s called Fountain House. Fountain House assists people who are looking to heal from mental conditions of all kinds. There are 450 million individuals all over the planet who have to deal with mental illnesses. Thy harm neighborhoods and households alike. Fountain House has been a force in the world of mental illnesses for seven decades and counting. It was established all the way back in 1944. Its six creators encountered each other at Rockland State Hospital. This is a facility that’s located in Orangeburg in New York. They were all patients there at the same time.


Jeremy Goldstein is a part of Fountain House’s illustrious Board of Directors. He has been part of it since 2010 as well. He’s equipped with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree that comes from the School of Law at New York University. He studied at both Cornell University and the University of Chicago as well. He has B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) and Master’s degrees from these American schools. Goldstein is in charge of a legal practice. He named the practice after himself as well. It’s called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He in the past was a partner with a sizable practice in the Big Apple. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates collaborates with compensation and management groups. It even collaborates with Chief Executive Officers. The firm aims to offer sound suggestions that revolve around corporate governance and compensation.


Fountain House is a beloved organization that’s close to Goldstein’s heart. It establishes an atmosphere that has the ability to alter peoples’ existences significantly. It has gotten a handful of esteemed awards as well. It got the Conrad N. Hilton humanitarian prize back in 2014.


Goldstein not long about bought an app by the name of TurboScan. He’s delighted he purchased it as well. It was extremely affordable. The app enables him to give other people convenient files. It’s a fantastic thing for attorneys who run mobile businesses. Goldstein makes a point to concentrate on all kinds of technological advancements that are available at the moment. He pays a lot of attention to his computer.


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