Jose Manuel Gonzalez Explains Why He Is Not A Full Time Politician

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is known around the world as one of the best known names in the Venezuelan government, but the agricultural business leader would rather be known as a citizen of his nation who stood up for what he believes is right in terms of food production. In his career Jose Manuel Gonzalez found success in agriculture in his local area of Guárico State, which eventually led to the farming specialist seeking election to the National Assembly and later become a deputy to the political group.

The main reasons for the decision of Jose Manuel Gonzalez to enter the world of politics was a perceived unfairness in the way crops are produced in his home country that is leading to problems for all in society. Gonzalez has set out to bring higher levels of fairness to the country and food production of all kinds, which he believes have led to many of the humanitarian problems facing Venezuela today. The blocking of the creation of certain crops and decision of the government to fix prices at a specific level have contributed to the problem, and seen Jose Manuel Gonzalez call for their end. A lack of ability to import goods effectively is also causing problems the agricultural expert feels could be changed with the introduction of new legislation.

Despite the problems facing the country of Venezuela Jose Manuel Gonzalez believes he can be proud of the role he has played in attempting to change the political environment of the country. Gonzalez points to the fact he rose to a Deputy in the National Assembly in a short period of time and the fact he attended all meetings required of his position as signs he has fought for the people he represents in his home state and the nation as a whole.