Let the Steelers Bring Out the Fashion In You

When you think about the Pittsburgh Steelers, what comes to mind? I know, you think I’m going to say that power defense of the seventies called the Steel Curtain which included L. C. Greenwood, Ernie Holmes, Dwight White and “Mean” Joe Greene. Yes! Wrong answer. How about their six Super Bowls? Yes! Wrong answer. What comes to my mind is the black and gold. The colors of the beloved Steelers. The Steelers verona couture fashion line of clothing merchandise is going through a complete overhaul spearheaded by the brilliant vision of Susan McGalla. You might be wondering who is Susan McGalla? Mrs. McGalla is the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has vast experience in the world of fashion and consulting. She began her career in 1986 at the Joseph Horne Company where she held various positions in marketing and management. Always looking for opportunities, she left the Joseph Horne Company in 1994 and then took on a position as a divisional merchandise buyer of women’s clothing with American Eagle Outfitters also working in various management positions. Her strong work ethic and vision led her to become the president and Chief Merchandising Officer of the company’s flagship American Eagle before holding the same titles for the entire company. Always the visionary, Susan left American Eagle, Inc. in the beginning of 2009 to carve her own niche in the fashion and finance industries as a private consultant to retail and financial investment sectors. In the fall of 2009, Mrs.Susan McGalla was appointed to the Board of Directors of HFF, Inc. a commercial real estate company. Then in January 2011 she became chief executive officer for Wet Seal, Inc., a clothing retailer for young women and teens, but left the company during the summer of 2012 and opened her own consulting firm P3 Executive Consulting located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she was hired in early 2015 by the Pittsburgh Steelers the first thing that Art Rooney, Steelers president, wanted her to do was rebuild the team’s website with a vision for fashion. The news article titled “Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign on Facebook,” talks about the changing of team merchandise with the slogan “wear what the players wear.” This was the cry of the Steeler faithful- the fans. So the Steelers organization launched a new line of fashion to cater to the fans including a new website. Their new fashion line includes well known inspired brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Bahama. Additionally, Pandora jewelry and different types of “bling” can be found on their new website. According to Susan McGalla, the organization is “constantly innovating around the fans.”