Lime Crime’s new Products

The creator of lime crime, Doe Deere, always had a passion for makeup and fairytales. She has also always used makeup and fashion as a way of self expression, and in with that love for it, she created a makeup line that is not like any other in the world. Her products are full of creativity and magic. They bring you straight into your childhood when you watched princess movies with witches and dragons.

Lime Crime is also cruelty free and certified vegan. Their products are not tested on animals and animal products are byproducts are not used in them either. Doe Deere has a love for all creatures. The mascot of this makeup line is a unicorn, which represents creativity and love for all creatures.

There are several different unique and fun products to choose from on their websites which features matte lipstick, unicorn lipstick, metallic lipstick, glittery lip gloss, eye shadow pallets, a brand new eye shadow pallet called the Venus XL pallet which features 18 different colors, pop on nails, new lip stick plushies, highlighter, sparkly makeup brushes, and more. One of their most popular new products is their new semi permanent unicorn hair dye, which features several different fun colors. Lime crimes hair dye is not like any other, because they have about any color you could ever dream of. They have blue, orange, black, gray, pink, teal, purple, and many more!

Doe Deere wanted to make her products fun for everyone, so she came up with something unique. She took her love and passion for makeup and fairytales, and mixed them together for a creative makeup line that millions have enjoyed. And though she has already been very successful in her career; she plans on trying new things and furthering her dreams for her company.