Mike Baur : Tips on How to Build a Successful Business

There is peace with knowing you live in a country with a healthy economy. Entrepreneurs and business persons are majorly responsible for the growth of a country’s economy. Entrepreneurs invest in companies hoping to earn a profit. However, the high-risk takers need skills for them to succeed in business. This article is perfect for young business minded people who have entrepreneurial ideas but need startup lessons for future success.

Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Besides, he is a motivational speaker for Investor Panel at the WORLDWEBFORUM, an organization committed to mentoring the youth. Mike Baur implemented the Swiss Startup Factory three-month programs to mentor potential entrepreneurs. The Swiss Startup Factory offers the startup program in workshops to develop business plans for attendees. The program provides the following services:

Co-working spaces

You succeed better when you involve like-minded people by sharing your workstation. We attract what we are hence people sharing a vision will amerce resources to develop an excellent business idea. The workstation contains affordable office desks and seats, inclusive of board rooms.

Accounting and Financial Advice

As a young entrepreneur in the market, you must understand your business’s financial position. This class offers entrepreneurs with lessons in, VAT reporting, cash flow, financial statements, profits and losses, payroll management and financial health reviews.


As an entrepreneur, you need someone with a like-minded vision to emulate. Your mentor should be your accountability partner.A mentorship lesson at Swiss Startup guides entrepreneurs on their selection for mentors. Mentors are partly responsible for the success of your business.

Investment and Entrepreneurial Network
The purpose of the unit is connecting entrepreneurs with fellow entrepreneurs by providing contacts. It is easier to succeed when you understand your niche and rub shoulders with a team you share a vision. Also, you can share business ideas and accomplish as a team.


Coaching provides you with a better understanding of your business idea, expectation, risks, management, and evaluation. You will know how to handle losses or how to deal with employees in your firm. Coaching sharpens your assessment skills to arrest-failure on time. Professional coaching offers support in drawing up a business plan and executing the strategy.

Mike Baur is a successful investor, and business person focused on developing young business minds. He was born in Switzerland Fribourg where he developed an interest in the banking industry. After twenty years of work in the Swiss Private Banking, Mike quit, joining the heads of Swiss Startup Factory by co-founding it. Mike enjoys mentoring young people, with the hope expanding the field of entrepreneurs. He believes in teamwork for success.