NewsWatch TV Reviews – Saygus Smartphone

NewsWatch gave Saygus Smartphone a lot of positive news coverage. NewsWatch made the trip to Barcelona to film segments at the Mobile World Congress event. Their coverage helped promote Saygus’s Smartphone Launch along with the Indiegogo campaign. It was a huge win for Sagus as result of NewsWatch TV revews. The company’s initial goal was to raise $300,000. They were able to raise more than $1.3 million as a result.

The Vice President of Saygus, Tim Rush, notes that raising capital is the result of getting the right message across at the right time. It is also about reaching the right audience. NewsWatch delivered above expectations. He recommends NewsWatch because they can connect what a company wants to say with what consumers want to hear. This is what ultimately drives sales.

NewsWatch is a trusted online information source that covers technology, health, travel, and entertainment. NewsWatch airs weekly on the ION Network, along with bimonthly episodes on AMC. Andrew Tropeano is the host. The show provides the perfect venue for many top celebrities to gain additional exposure. More than 650 entertainers have appeared on the show so far. These include the likes of Denzel Washington, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Chris Pratt to name several. Topics discussed range from politics to the environment.

With over 25 years of airtime, the show has reached more than 700 million people. This distinction makes it one of the industry’s most successfully, independent, produced television shows. It is a refreshing and informative show by any standard.

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