Novation, Kyle Bass, and Bear Stearns

Bear Stearns, until March of 2008, was one of the top five big investment banks on Wall Street. They failed in a matter of days, and many point to Kyle Bass as the responsible party. Bass let leak some information about an e-mail in which Bear Stearns went to conduct a regular novation with Goldman-Sachs. The novation was denied, but then very quickly afterward was approved. In the space between the denial and approval, CSPAN did an interview with Alan Schwartz, one of the leading forces behind Bear Stearns. David Faber, the journalist conducting the interview, asked a question that implied Goldman Sachs had lost confidence in Bear Stearns, as per Kyle Bass’ earlier advisement. Even though at about the same time, Sachs was issuing a release indicating they did, in fact, still have a working relationship with Bear-Stearns, the damage was done.

What was the contested business item? A novation. Novations usually simplify transactions. Say you owe Nick fifty dollars, and Luke owes you fifty dollars. A novation would be having Luke pay Nick. In the banking world, substitute securities, bonds, or sub-prime loans for stock, holdings; what-have-you. The idea is transferring mutual value and decreasing the complications involved. Novations are common practice in law and finance, and there should have been no problem between Sachs and Stearns. The thing is, Kyle Bass had recently worked for Stearns, and no longer did. It seems as though the information he gave CSPAN was a parting salvo against his old job.

It’s not something that Bass would be unfamiliar with. He’s got a long history of using backhanded techniques to turn a profit. Bass became prominent in 2008 when he predicted the sub-prime lending crisis would lead to an implosion, and invested accordingly. But as concerns Bear-Stearns, it seems as though Bass acted in some small part as an economic assassin. Since he’s closely tied to socialist presidential despot of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and socialism has a global aim, it would be entirely consistent with Bass’ history for him to function in capacity as an economic assassin. Currently he works as a hedge fund manager in Dallas, which seems like a location for a hedge fund designed to defray suspicion. Bass uses his assets to conduct operations which force stock fluctuations. For example he developed CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, and uses this organization to diminish the cost on big-ticket pharmaceuticals’ drugs, short-selling his holdings with them when the drop hits Wall Street. Bass’ successes seem to primarily come from undermining established financial institutions.  The WSJ blog did a great job of exposing what Kyle Bass has done.

More Than Money: George Soros’ Background and Philanthropic Work

George Soros is well-known around the world for being one of the richest billionaires ever. Born in Budapest in the 1930, Soros (of Jewish descent) survived the Nazi occupied country during the years of World War II on and later fled to England after the war. When in England, he attended the London School of Economics and graduated in 1954.

However, it wasn’t until George Soros moved to America that he founded what he is most famous for today Ð the Soros Fund Management, which has helped him to become the billionaire that he is today. Founded in 1969 in New York, Soros Fund Management invests in public equity and fixed income markets all around the world. The firm also invests in growth equity transactions, start-ups, build-ups, and buyouts. In addition, they focus their attention on investing in resources such as coal, copper, gold, and coke. The Soros Fund Management has been rebranded into the Quantum Fund, which made such an impressive profit in 1992 that it shorted the British pound. George Soros on latino.foxnews has since been known as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’.

Though George Soros has certainly done well for himself in the business world, he has also been a very active philanthropist. Of his philanthropic work, Soros is best known for providing African students with the funds to attend Cape Town University in apartheid Africa. This work began in 1979 and has since been birthed into the Open Society Foundation, a foundation founded by Soros himself with a personal mission to replace authoritarian forms of government with open societies. Soros says, “Open society is based on the recognition on that our understanding of the world is inherently imperfect. What is imperfect can be improved.” Today, the Open Society Foundation operates in over 100 countries and is constantly working to promote Soros’ values of human rights and open society. Through the Open Society Foundation on, George Soros has given away more than $11 billion throughout his lifetime.

In 1984, Soros worked hard in Hungary to break the Communist party’s control on information by distributing photo copiers to libraries, universities, and civil service groups all across the country. He would continue work similar to this in other countries such as Poland and Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This type of philanthropic work on Soros’ part definitely contributed to more democratic governments and open societies in countries that were previously dominated by the Soviet Empire. This work has led to Soros founding the Central European University in 1991, to serve as a center for research and policies that advocate his beliefs in open societies.

Today, George Soros continues to be very influential in economics, politics, and philanthropy. He has authored over a dozen books including The Tragedy of the European Union, and The New Paradigm for Financial Markets. He continues to write articles and essays that appear in the nation’s most popular newspapers and magazines. Soros is happily married to his wife, Tamiko Bolton, and has 5 children. He currently resides in New York, and maintains dual citizenship in the United States and Hungary.

New Product Offerings On Slyce

Shoe Carnival is one of the largest and most popular footwear retailers in the nation. They have 400 stores spread out across the United States, and they also sell their products online. They are now partnered with the online visual search recognition platform called Slyce. This new partnership allows users to search for shoes online through Slyce, and users will have an easier time finding exactly what they are after thanks to this partnership. Slyce is refining the way that people shop online, and they are making finding the right products online easier than it has ever been before.

Visual Search Recognition Explained

The idea of taking a picture of something in order to find it online is a new concept that is changing the ways that we purchase things online. It is much easier to find exactly what you are looking for without having to conduct lengthy keyword searches. The trouble with keyword searches is that you never know what to type in the search engines to bring up the product that you are after. However, Slyce has made this concept of coming up with new keywords to find a product a thing of the past.

It has never been easier to shop online. Today, you can use your camera on your smart phone to take a picture of virtually any object around you, and Slyce will do the rest. Slyce is using artificial intelligence to bring about the products that you are looking for in your visual search. They are also backed by one of the best customer support teams that routinely check to see that the AI is functioning at full capacity.

Slyce has been making huge waves in their market. They are partnering with more and more retailers all the time, so their offerings to consumers are growing exponentially. They are the most popular and widely used visual search platform out there. It’s free to download Slyce, and it is really easy to use. With Slyce’s new partnership with Shoe Carnival, you can take a picture of any type of shoe that is around you in order to find a similar or identical product in their catalogue. Users on Slyce also get to take advantage of the best deals that retailers have to offer in their product catalogues.

WEN Leads Innovative Healthy All In One Hair Products


Many people are looking for excellent hair products that can keep the shine, while also removing the dirt and daily grime the hair can acquire. A recent article on Bustle talks about the benefits of using hair products to keep the hair healthy, clean, and have that full volume hair many commercials advertise.

There are many brands available for different types of hair, but the brand used in the article on Bustle specifically mentions WEN by Chaz Dean, which was used to rinse out the greasy feeling that can build up in hair after the course of the day. Wen managed to offer a feeling of fuller hair after a single use, and left the hair bouncy as a conditioner should.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is noted as an all-in-one type of shampoo and conditioner requiring one less application required for the hair allowing for a softer touch to the scalp and hair itself. When comparing different types of products this one seemed to stand out as hair seemed to respond well after every wash and always added a voluminous feel and look, while adding a natural healthy shine.

In the end the type of product used by anyone should be chosen based on a few factors including how frequently a person washes their hair, and what type of hair the person has. A person with dry hair might want a slightly different product than a person with overly greasy hair.

Overall, WEN products have worked wonders for many people. WEN also offers many different types of products  on for different types of hair, hair styles, and washing styles. If someone is looking for hair that is not only clean and healthy but also offers a fuller look, and shine, look no further than Wen.


Talk Fusion: For all Your Video Communication Needs

For anyone looking for better ways to keep in touch with family, friends or even clients, video communication is one of the best ways of doing exactly that. Video communication has been taken to another level by Talk Fusion. This is a forum that connects people from all over the world. Through their cutting-edge video technology, people are not only able to keep in touch but also expand their circles.


Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion. He is a respected professional and his community knows and appreciates him for his passion for community development and charity. The CEO has had a long relationship with marketing which earns him a part-time income. The police officer by profession has a passion for technology and his entrepreneurial spirit led to Talk Fusion.


The company recognizes that there are emerging trends in technology and communication. Bob Reina, therefore, uses this knowledge to promote innovative and easy-to-use video market technology. In this way, he helps businesses and individuals to realize their dreams.


Some of the features which come with Talk Fusion include video emailing and conferencing. With their emailing features, users can be able to embed a personalized video message in an email before sending it. You can also host meetings from anywhere and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Their conferencing features also enable the user to design effective presentations to deliver during video conferences.


With their video live chats, users can be able to easily communicate with anyone from all over the world. The video chat can be done on any platform, whether you are using a PC or Mac. It is also supported by cell phones and tablets. They also have video newsletters and a wide range of video marketing reporting and analytics.


The team at Talk Fusion is made up of technology wizards, dream builders and master wordsmiths. The team also comprises pros in video technology and graphics. Talk Fusion is also associated with bodies such as the Direct Selling Association. This means that they adhere to the DSA Code of Ethics.


To take advantage of their video communication package, buy Talk Fusion today!

Madison Street Capital Spreads its Wings

America has several investments banking institution, and one of them is Madison Street Capital. Many people in the country benefit a lot from the investment company, and many have received great opportunities from it. The company recently released a Youtube video on how it well handles any matters that deal with finance, and this earned the company a lot of respect.
For any banking institution to do so well in the competitive market, the employees must have high levels of ethical integrity, and this is what has kept Madison Street Capital on top of the rest. The company has reliable advisors who make sure that the clients who come to the company seeking financial advice are well handled and that they make informed decisions. Financial debts, secure lending and credit activities are well handled by the team of professionals employed by Madison Street Capital. Capital investment matters and portfolio valuation are also handled well by the company.

Madison Street Capital is an international company, and this means that the international community looks up to it too. The company has to be very accountable, and this can be achieved by giving annual reports about its transaction activities. To ensure that it continues to remain accountable to its clients, Madison Street Capital released its fourth edition report to the international community recently. The Bloomberg Business report indicated some shocking and some positive changes in the investment market.

The total amount of deals closed or announced during the year 2015 was forty-two according to the recently released report. Compared to what was reported last year, there has been a good increase of ten transactions, something the company is happy about. The transaction volume also increased from what was announced in 2014, going up by 27%. This has also laid a good foundation for 2016, and experts say that all signs indicate that the year will be prosperous. The hedge fund companies, however, had very poor strategies throughout the year, but they shocked many investors after their assets were reported to have remained high.

Madison Street Capital is crunchbased in Virginia, although it serves many countries in the world. Since it was started years ago, it has done a lot for the companies and individuals who come looking for help. The company has a special spot for education, and it has done a lot to ensure that quality education is attained in many places. It partners with governments, churches, schools and organizations in its philanthropic actions most of the time.

Customers Get Ready for Fabletics Spring and Summer Clothing Line


The last two years have been great for Kate Hudson and her clothing line. The Fabletics brand has evolved into one of the most exciting lines in the fashion world for athletic gear. This is a mighty brand that has become the talk of the town thanks to a lot of social media buzz, blogs and websites.

The Clothes Maiden is another site that puts the Fabletics brand in the spotlight. There are a lot of clothes from this line that are bound to give women a whole new perspective on what is means to work out in style.

Kate Hudson has some awesome picks for the The Clothes Maiden site, and everyone that checks out the site will have access her favorites. For the spring and summer line for 2016 Hudson is bringing forth some yoga clothes that come in a variety of styles. There is the 2 piece Poppy set, the 3 piece Hyacinth set and the 3 piece Peony set that are among Kate’s favorite picks. Hudson has become an innovator of style, and the website shows just how much she is into this clothing line.

The new summer line will also feature the active wear clothing line that Kate models on the website herself. People that are getting ready to work out this summer will really be in for a treat. There are boundless options to consider, and the website is just the beginning. Hudson and her team have decided to bring 100 additional stores into various cities in the next five years. This is going to create an even greater level of popularity for Fabletics brand.

Fabletics represents a new level of higher quality fashion in the industry today. This is the type of clothing that will make women want to work out. Many females will shy away from the gym because they don’t have true gym wear. They may not have the desire to workout because they may have never felt comfortable in the gym clothes that they had. This website changes all of that and gives people the ability to find something that is both comfortable and visually appealing.

Women are praising this brand and the new styles that are coming into view for the spring and summer collection of 2016. Those bright colors will lighten the mood of those that want to work out. These clothes will give women great variety for their gym wardrobe.

Thor Halvorssen Openly Speaks About Socialism

Thor Halvorssen Speaks From Experience
Thor Halvorssen is a man does speak from his own personal experience. His father had been a political prisoner and his mother was shot during a peaceful protest. He does have a cousin who is currently in prison in Venezuela. He is a person who speaks from real knowledge. He has seen first-hand exactly how a dictatorship and socialism can rob and violate basic human rights.

A Violation of Human Rights and Socialism
Thor Halvorssen gave an interview to Fox News that was about socialism and Bernie Sanders. This interview had aired on February 26, 2016. Thor had make a contribution to Bernie Sanders previously. It was the largest amount that is allowed. Socialism is a violation of basic human rights, in the view of Thor Halvorson. This does not necessarily include every aspect of socialism. There are several definitions of the word socialism. The big objection, according to Mr. Halvorssen, is when socialism is done under an authoritarian government or if they actually use socialism as a mask. Looting a country when a government takes full control may be considered to be a violation. The government may create massive shortages for people. Dictatorship is a big problem. There are some countries that are practicing socialism within the government that do not violate human rights. Free markets will work and the creation of more wealth for everyone is a positive outcome for socialism. Taking full control of a government does not help the people. Bernie Sanders is a socialist senator. Mr. Halvorssen would prefer to have a socialist democrat in government. Separation of power must be incorporated. Restrictions of human rights does not work for the people. Bernie Sanders is pro socialism for America. If rule of law is followed, socialism can work. Socialism in government is a recipe that may be negative or it may be very positive for the people. Redistribution of wealth will not prove to be a positive solution with socialism. These are the views of Thor Halvorssen. Constitutional rights must be included in the socialist government if it will prove to work for all people. Socialist policies must be included. Dictatorship and socialism are not a good recipe for anyone.

Wen By Chaz Review by Bustle


Wen by Chaz Dean contains natural extracts and plant-based oils. This makes it particularly attractive to women who want to use shampoos and conditioners that are free of harsh chemicals. So, how well does Wen work? The products have been endorsed by a number of celebrities, so Bustle’s Emily McClure decided to try WEN conditioner for seven days to see just how well it works. 

McClure shares that she was surprised by how much product she had to use on the first day. However, she followed the instructions on the bottle, and noticed that her hair was immediately thicker than normal. The next two days, she showered and applied the conditioner, and started to notice that her hair was less frizzy. 

By the fourth day, McClure didn’t have time to wash her hair that morning, but she states that her tresses were oilier than they usually were. She also curled her hair once she got to work (at a hair salon), but said that her curls fell shortly afterwards. 

McClure did mention that her friends complimented her on how shiny her hair was, and that Wen definitely made her hair feel and look thicker. She states that she’d recommend the product to women with thin hair, but shares on facebook that the conditioner is best for women who wash and style their hair daily.

The Benefits Of Healthy Dog Food


There is a lot of territory when it comes to innovations for healthy dog food. The Daily Herald did an interview with Mr. Richard Thompson. Richard Thompson is the owner of Freshpets. He is a man that is obsessed with the high quality of his dog food products. Freshpets only uses fresh ingredients and it limits the meals that sit on shelves.

The pet food industry alone makes over $23.7 billion a year. Many dog owners want their dog food to be healthy, because they want their pets to be able to eat as healthy as them. Apart from new companies that are popping up, there are many traditional petfood companies that are trying to step up their game when it comes to beating the competition. Colgate-Palmolive has introduced a new dog food to help dogs lose weight. Purina has customized special blends of dog food in order to meet the nutritional needs of each dog. Pet care has put a harvest line on the market. This dog food is mixed with cranberries and blueberries.

The healthy pet eating plan is a plan that many dog owners love. People now see the importance of disease prevention through healthy eating. Both old and new companies are competing to get more clients. Freshpets is breaking into new territory when it comes to refrigerated dog meals, and the owner of Freshpets believes that they will turn a profit in 2016.

Purinastore’s Beneful dog food is a dog food that has been on the market for many years now, and that is why they have so many loyal customers. Beneful dog food has over 33 experts that are consistently and constantly checking the quality of their dog food brand. Many individuals trust Beneful for their dogs because it is full of nutritious and healthy ingredients that can keep their dogs healthy over their life. Beneful dog foods is regulated by the FDA and the USDA, along with many state laws. The suppliers of the ingredients of Beneful have to meet with Beneful‘s high standards when it comes to ingredient specification, safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices.