Talk Fusion For Business

There are many uses for a video chat with businesses. You may wonder what it can do for you and how it can help you to get more out of your business. It’s not hard to make it work for you.

Chat for Business

There are a lot of applications for this software as it pertains to business uses. One of the biggest options is to add chat or video to your emails. This will help you to connect to your business employees. This way you can send videos to your employees when you need to tell them about new policies or other issues.

Benefits of Talk Fusion Chat

There are several benefits to this kind of chat idea for business. The biggest benefit is that you can feel connected to the employees you have. This helps because if an employee feels they can talk to their boss, they will do better work for the company.

Another benefit of a chat system like this is information can be passed through the chat system and can connect others through this system. That can make everyone feel like they are in the same place when a meeting or other issue is going on. They also can help different people in different countries to feel closer within the business.

There are a lot of different options for communicating with your employees but chat is by far a better option than most others that are available to you. Take your time and make sure you are getting the right chat or other software to get everything done.

Brushing One’s Hair Can Make It Grow Fuller

Studies have shown that hair brushing is going to help hair grow, and it is also very important that women are learning how to take better care of their hair. The Internet has a lot of resources for women who want to look better, and one of the best resources is Wengie. She is a brilliant style blogger how makes videos every day, and she covers things like hair care and hair styles.

A woman who is trying to learn something about taking care of her hair can watch Wengie to learn what to do, and every one of Wengie’s videos is going to show women something new and unique about their hair. Women want to have the best hair possible, and they also want to make sure that they are going to see a step by step process of what to do.

Wengie does discuss things like hair brushing because she wants women to stimulate their hair, and she also wants to make sure that women are going to give themselves the best chance of looking great all the time. She incorporates new hair and makeup news into her videos, and she is always going to be on topic when she does her videos. She is going to talk about what is going on in the world at that time, and she is going to take questions about things that are happening in the makeup world. People who are very interesting in making a better style for themselves can watch Wengie, and they will be able to feel better about themselves instantly.

Wengie is becoming a style icon who knows that every video she makes makes a woman look better. She wants to help every woman look amazing, and she also wants to show women that they can do these things on their own. She wants to show women an easier way to look good, and she wants to show women that they can make a change to what is the most current style. Current styling is actually easy to do with a tutorial, and the best tutorials are on Wengie’s channel.


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Lime Crime Cosmetics Sweeps Social Media

Los Angeles based cosmetics company Lime Crime continues to pull market share away from the “traditional” makeup brands. Although they are not a name you will often hear in your local pharmacy or grocery store isles, their unique product, savvy social media presence, and innovative leadership has allowed them to create an impressive online presence.

The first thing one will notice browsing Lime Crime products is that they are not a typical cosmetics retailer. Examples abound; eschewing 100 shades of the same red lipsticks, Lime Crime markets colors like Alien, a soft velvety green, and Zenon, a reflective gold. Liners and shadows are similar, providing not only the standard colors, but also vibrant blues, greens, and beyond. The products are designed to professional standards, and manage to be bold and different without falling into the realm of costume.

The company markets itself as “Makeup for Unicorns,” and the emphasis on the unique customers who use their wares is on full display. Lime Crime engages its customers on social media by encouraging posts from the women (and men) who are enjoying their products. They showcase the creativity of their customers across multiple social media platforms, and have turned Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @limecrimemakeup into a multi-platform showcase of their customers and product. Company founder Doe Deere explains the attitude, saying, “We are always amazed by the looks our unicorns create with our products, and we love showcasing them, we are always excited to see what they come up with next, and hope they inspire our other fans as much as they inspire us.”

The inspiration seems to have caught on, as Lime Crime recently passed two million twitter followers, and seems poised to continue its record online growth. As summer approaches and people prepare for a season out of doors, Lime Crime has put itself in a position to show its fans and followers, and be shown in turn, new ways to stand out in a crowd. Follow alongside Doe Deere on her personal blog,, where new updates about Lime Crime are posted frequently.

George Soros Shares Economic Prediction

George Soros is no stranger to the media spotlight for his economic analysis and predictions. As an incredibly successful investor and philanthropist, George Soros has had more than his fair share of success in analyzing trends in currency markets and hedging his bets against anticipated currency market fluctuations. As of 2014, Forbes listed Soros as the richest hedge fund manager and as the seventh richest American individual. As the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management, Soros has made quite the mark by making sound investments and having an in-depth understanding of international markets. In reaction to the economic crisis in the U.S. of 2007 and 2008, Soros established the Institute for New Economic Thinking in 2009 as an economic think tank with the goal of analyzing international markets and proposing cutting-edge solutions for reorganizing the international economic system.

Given that Soros is so highly regarded for his take on international markets, his recent prediction about the economy of China is causing the international community to reconsider its position on the Chinese markets. At the beginning of this year at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, George Soros explained that the current status of the Chinese economy is serious cause for concern about its stability and potential for total collapse very soon. In a very troubling announcement, Soros says that he is seeing the same indicators of a major collapse in China that were present for the U.S. economy before the crisis of 2008. Bloomberg reported on Soros’ predictions, which he explains are based on various factors, including the fact that the Chinese economy is struggling to adjust to a new growth model. In the past, the economy of China was heavily based on manufacturing and investment. The country was previously viewed as a haven for cheap labor and very attractive to investors who valued the economic potential in manufacturing. Now, China has become more of a consumer-driven and services economy, which is a much different path than it had previously embraced. The transition has not been smooth in general for China and continues to encourage instability in Chinese markets. As a result of increasing uncertainty surrounding the future of the Chinese economy, measures of volatility are on a steady incline for the country.
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According to Soros, the measures from the Chinese government to bring stability to the Chinese economy are not amounting to much so far. Interest rates have already been cut to record lows, and the Chinese government has pumped an incredible amount of money in the economy to try and save it from collapse. While Soros generally thinks government intervention is necessary to correct major market upsets like this, the influx of government money may not be the best policy, especially in light of the country’s mounting debt problem. Soros and other global investors are expressing some concern that the country does not have a sound strategy to pay down debts and decrease spending in order to get the economy back on track to a normal, steady growth model.

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Two Relatives of President Maduro are Arrested for Drug-Trafficking

More Venezuelan authorities have been discovered in the trafficking and distribution of drugs than ever before. In the past five years according to My Space, over 100 military and police officials have been found and accused of drug trafficking between their country and the United States, states the prosecutor’s office of Venezuelan. In 2011, America arrested four Venezuelan officials and accused them of being supportive of Colombian rebels dealing narcotics and guns. They were added to the U.S. “kingpin” list.
In November 2015, the arrests got closer to the top of the Venezuela pyramid of power as two relatives of the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, were arrested by U.S. officials for drug trafficking. The two relatives, Franqui Francisco Flores-de Freitas and Efraín Antonio Campo-Flores are the nephew and stepson of the President’s wife. Expert Diaz Granaos thinks that President Maduro has led a violent pathway to the presidency, and this arrest is one more bullet in his opposer’s gun.

The arrest couldn’t have come at a more strategic point in the President’s attempt to calm the country. The following day, Mr. Maduro was scheduled to make a controversial speech in Geneva at the UN Human Rights Council. The subject of his speech was the hotly-contested local elections, which ignited much anger and political frustration in Caracas.

SKOUT Turns Its Users Into Superheroes


The social media app SKOUT has turned many of its users into superheroes recently. In honor of National Superhero Day (April 28) SKOUT encourages its users to give their friends virtual superhero-themed gift. In return, SKOUT would them make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area foundation. And they would continue to do this until a wish was fully funded.

In addition to the virtual gifts, SKOUT also celebrated the day by conducting a survey of its users focused on superheroes. Fully 80 of the app’s users said they wanted to be real life superheroes.

And who were their favorite superheroes? Women preferred Batman while men chose Superman. When asked what superpower they wished they had one-third of respondents said immortality. When asked what it takes to be a superhero in real life 44% said selflessness.

SKOUT has a history of leveraging its virtual gift-giving feature in order to give back to the community. More than 400,000 virtual gifts have been designated for charity use. Throughout its history, SKOUT has made financial contributions to the SF-Marin Food Bank, Muttville and Cat Town.

While many social media platforms allow users to connect and make friends with others it is refreshing to see a tech company harness the power and scale of its users to make a change in real life. SKOUT is an example of how technology can be used for positive change.

But beyond the financial contributions SKOUT has raised national awareness for these and other social issues. Through its efforts, the company has served more than 30,000 people who are food insecure and has facilitated medical care and the adoption of pets in the Bay Area.

SKOUT takes pride in not only bringing new people together but also uniting them in a force for positive change. The app is the largest global platform used for meeting new people and increasing users’ social network. Currently, the community of SKOUT users spans 180 countries and the app is available in 16 languages. Based in San Francisco, the company was started in 2007 and has experienced rapid growth from the outset.

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FreedomPop Boldly Goes Where No Company Has Before

FreedomPop has always tried to be the company that is going to give people the best options possible for getting a cell phone, but they are able to make it even better. They are going to offer people a chance to use WhatsApp for no charge. Venture Beat is saying that customers who are using WhatsApp are not going to be charged for data usage on FreedomPop, and that is going to be amazing considering that FreedomPop is already so cheap.

FreedomPop is the amazing company that is trying to make prices for cell phones as cheap as possible, and they even have a free plan that will work for everyone. They are trying to help people make the most of their plans, and they are going to use WhatsApp to make that possible. Someone who is running WhatsApp is going to be able to use that with using their data, and they will still have their data left over from their regular plan.

It is very important that people who need more options for using their phones go to FreedomPop because this is by far the best option possible. It is surely interesting to remember that people at FreedomPop could already be on a free plan, but now they can use their plans more because they can just go to WhatsApp to talk and text.

The WhatsApp application is going to help anyone who just wants to sign in and keep going, or people can sign up for a new account when they get their phones. These people can use the number that they are given by WhatsApp, and they can start talking right now without a problem. WhatsApp will help people save data, and it will keep the price of their graduated phone plans down over time.

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How Using A Shared Office Space Helps New York Companies Thrive


Starting any business is not without its share of growing pains. In the past, an office consisted of phones, desks, a copier, and with any luck a fax machine. In more modern times internet capable computers would also be on the list. Let’s not forget the long hours stuck plugging away, trying to make it happen. Well, now there is better, more exciting solution.

What kind of company are you running? What are your goals? What do you think helps in productivity? Some companies thrive on that close-knit environment. That’s all well and good. This allows the boss to have a great amount of control over their business, how it’s run, and they can steer the course of their companies destiny. If they are starting off with plenty of capital, this is great. But what happens if you are not in the best position to do that? A new company being cash strapped is not unheard of.

That new and exciting solution mentioned earlier is called coworking spaces. What’s this all about? First off it’s a great way for a business to save money. What do coworking spaces have to offer? Plenty.

Instead of putting money towards renting an entire office space, rent out some desks. Instead of constantly getting office supplies and coffee, it’s all in the rental fee. Not to mention by using a coworking space, all of the maintenance will be taken care of. This is also a great way to inject some energy into your workplace. For those companies that don’t mind sharing space, they may even generate some great dynamic energy with other companies. The possibilities are endless. Can you even imagine the great creative collaborations two companies could have together?

One such coworking space is called Workville, they’re based in New York City. It’s in a luxury office building, and being in that type of environment is sure to help productivity levels soar. There’s great views, fast internet, daily cleaning, and 24-hour access to the office space. All of this for the cost of renting the space your company needs, in whichever configuration works best, sounds great.

Unnessasary Deaths in Top Children’s Unit in Venezuela


JM de Los Rios Children’s Hospital in Caracas is known for being the Top Children’s Unit for Pediatric Healthcare in Venezuela, but these days that name is being sabotaged by Venezuela’s socialist government. Inside this hospital that should be well-supplied with everything needed patients are dying due to shortages in common medical supplies and drugs. Many patients are also not receiving the proper care according to a report from Open Corporaters for their disease or condition and therefore are suffering or even dying due to poor treatment. One doctor named Dr Huniades Urbina is doing his best to stand up for what’s right and in doing so he has been fired from his position as Director of Intensive Care at the hospital. All of these shortages are due to the recent economic catastrophe in Venezuela who is known for it’s more than decade long contingency upon oil to raise foreign currency levels. Venezula is predicted by Adrian Jose to possibly have the fastest declining economy excluding Syria. Doctors and healthcare workers alike are pushing and looking for the government to announce a State of Medical Emergency. But, at the moment nothing seems to be happening. The healthcare industry is suffering but, it’s not alone as many people cannot even afford food at local grocery stores. Sadly, this crisis in the healthcare field and food suppply is likely to continue until someone within the government is willing to take a stand against it.

Sanjay Shah’s Success as a Business Executive

Sanjay Shah is British business person that was born in September 1970. Shah is the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital Partners, and he is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Autism Rocks Organization. Shah founded the Autism Rocks organization in the year 2014. The idea behind establishing the organization was motivated by his youngest son, Nikhil, who was diagnosed with autism. His son’s condition drove him to create awareness on autism through the use of music. The philanthropist partnered with the music industry enabling him to raise awareness on the neurological disorder. He has also established an outlet that funds the research conducted on autism.

Autism Rocks is an invitation-only event that takes place in London. It is a live concert and a charity that raises awareness and donations for autism research. Famous artists have performed in the Autism Rocks live concert among them Drake, Michael Buble, and Lenny Kravitz among many others. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the normal development of the body leading to difficulties in establishing social relationships and communication skills. Reports indicate that the neurological disorder affects one in every 68 children annually. There has been reported 12 percent increase in those affected since the year 2012.

Solo Capital Markets is a globally recognized company dealing in financial matters. The company is headquartered in London, England. The firm was established in September 2011, and it is known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. The company specializes in proprietary trading, professional sports investment and consulting services. The company’s partners had a net worth of 15.45 million Euros as of the end of March 2015. The assets of the company were announced to be amounting to 67.45 million Euros and a cash flow of 30.26 million Euros. The company is controlled by Solo Group Holdings. It is also being controlled by Aesa S.a.r.l, which is also owned by Sanjay Shah. Shah is also reported to own other companies located in other places around London. The companies are in the British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, the Cayman Island, and Malta. The founder used to earn 19 million Euros before the incorporation of Solo Capital Limited in the year ending March 2011.