Zeco Auriemo: Passion in the Real Estate Sector

Zeco is a Brazilian citizen with a passion in the real estate industry. Zeco Auriemo manages their family business JHSF. His passion lies in the exposure he acquired when helping in the family business As the CEO JHSF he is committed to making the company grow and establish itself in the building and construction area.

Shopping malls are currently gaining popularity due to their luxurious nature and variety of goods and services t disposal. Zeco choose to venture into the sector, and JHSF has built several malls in Brazil and beyond. The Brazilian entrepreneur is also involved in the building of airports and hotel. He works with a team of experts to deliver quality projects that have earned him a reputation globally

Zeco Auriemo is an entrepreneur with great focus and zeal. He carefully chooses a great team to help him execute his duties, read also (Zeronaldo.com). He has many achievements in the real estate sector one of them being the Metro Santa Cruz. In Brazil. This building is known for its state of the art structure and magnificent outlook

Zeco works with his brothers, and he has a schedule that h follows to keep his achievements. He is a man who offers quality and value for money. This has enabled him to work for both the private and government in the area of real estate.

JHSF has given the building and construction sector innovation with a touch. Under the leadership of Zeco. The company involves itself in intense research and utilizes modern technology in this industry. JHSF prides itself as a premier company in the global market .

He engages himself with community service by giving back to the community. Zeco has a passion for sports and involves himself with golf several days in the week. His dedication to managing the infrastructure company has made it acquire massive profits.

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Talos Energy, a Leading Workplace in the Oil and Gas Sector

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company formed in 2012, under the partnership of Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. The company has made a name a name for its expertise in exploration and production of offshore hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Mexico.

Before the establishment of Talos Energy, the current management group of the company had operated two gulf companies; Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co., with significant returns to equity investors.

The company maintains a deeply experienced senior management team, which has worked together for over a decade. The team has a track record in using innovative techniques to develop a valuable portfolio of investment frontiers within the oil exploration and Production industry.

The main focus of Talos Energy is to maintain a team of management with the right information in Energy and petroleum exploration. The team creates the strength needed to face the challenges posed by external changes in the industry with every aspect of the business in mind.

Timothy Duncan, the expert at the helm, is the brain behind Talos Energy. He has an in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry, which is backed by his educational background. He studied Petroleum Engineering at Mississippi State University and later earned an MBA from Bauer Executive Program at the University of Houston. Additionally, Duncan is a very dedicated professional, who derives satisfaction from turning risky ventures into a profitable business.

Monetary incentives are not the major part of the motivation for the Talos Energy workforce. Teamwork and sacrifice is the driving force that has propelled the company to the top of the oil and gas industry. For this reason, the Houston Chronicle recognized Talos Energy as the Top Workplace in the Houston area for companies with less than 150 employees. The company has since maintained the position for five consecutive years.

For the efficient and smooth running of the company’s operations, Timothy Duncan is assisted by Stephen Heitzman. The visionary business executive doubles up as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Talos Energy. Stephen Heitzman’s extemporary service in the oil and gas sector earned him the Distinguished Engineer Award in 2015. He holds a bachelors of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University.

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How Fortress Investment Group Is The Redefining Alternative Investment World

In the world of investment, the most crucial aspect is how good the investment performs in the market of uncertainties. Fortress Investment Group is without a doubt the best company when it comes to high returns assurance to investors. This means that apart from the company being one of the fastest growing companies, it has an unmatched approach to risks management.

According to the management of the company, having a long-term vision in every investment has made the company the most trusted alternative investment managers in the competitive market. Due to this practical approach to work, Fortress Investment Group has been able to be a partner to more than 1750 clients in the corporate world.

The business aspect of Fortress Investment Group is one of the best business models in the world of investment. The main reason why the company has three primary businesses within the umbrella of Fortress Group is that this investment niche is complex and vast. These three business models enable the company to cover all the aspects of credit, private equity and finally permanent capital without compromising efficiency. On top of these different business models having the spirit of autonomy, they each have the best management teams. This structure enables the company to have an impact on each sector and more importantly, improves the profits margins.

The company has been passionate about include growing private equity. Fortress Investment Group believes that the future of investment is on the growth of private equity and other related niches. Fortress as a trendsetter has divided private equity business into four significant subsections. Each subjection acknowledges that expansion should be in line with the Fortress Investment Group overall goals of being the global trendsetter.

On the private equity, the company has been consistent on undervalued investment and in return making them profitable again. The company has been keen on investing in health care services and return, making them low cost and efficient. In addition to these two sectors, the company has been on the forefront in ensuring that oil and extraction industry is at par with the global standards. The company has interests in the financial world.

Learn more about Fortress Investment Group: http://www.niemanlab.org/2017/02/newsonomics-softbank-fortress-trump-and-the-real-story-of-gatehouses-boundless-ambition/

Hussain Sajwani Risk Taking Career

Hussain Sajwani is a successful business owner who also invests in real estate. His company, DAMAC Properties, is based in Dubai. Dubai is a growing city that offers multiple economic opportunities. Throughout his life, Hussain has been willing to take massive risks. When he started his company, few people thought he would succeed. His parents encouraged him to attend college. Instead of taking the secure route, he decided to take a significant financial risk and start DAMAC Properties.


The growth of Dubai has contributed to Hussain’s success as a business owner. With the booming economy in the city, thousands of people are moving to Dubai in search of excellent jobs. Many people who live in Dubai earn a substantial income. A high income allows people to purchase housing that is too expensive for the vast majority of residents.

Hussain started purchasing properties in Dubai nearly a decade ago. He took on a lot of debt to obtain his investments. Many of his friends thought he was crazy for taking such considerable financial risks.


Hussain’s investments have tripled in value over the past few years. His company is also more profitable than ever. With all of his financial success, some people expect that he will retire. However, he has no plans to retire and wants to focus on making Dubai a better place to live. Hussain also continues to purchase investment properties. In most cases, he acquires properties with cash.

Company Plans

DAMAC Properties is one of the largest construction companies in Dubai. Hussain has trouble hiring enough workers to complete all of the projects he has available. With the strong economy in Dubai, workers can easily change jobs. Hussain recently started offering bonuses for people who work at his company for more than a year. Since beginning the bonus program, the employee turnover rate at DAMAC Properties has decreased.

“Marc Beer Comes Through to the Rescue of Women “

Marc Beer is the father to Catharine Beer, Elizabeth Beer, and Nicholas Beer. He was born in 1965. He is also a sibling to Scott Beer and Michael Beer. According to records, Marc attended the University of Miami in Ohio where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. Before landing a job with Renova Inc. as their CEO, he worked at Erytech Pharma where he was a member of the board of directors. At the moment he is also with Miami University as part of the University Business Advisory Council, he is also a member of the board of directors at Good Start Genetics.


The company Marc Beer works at is involved in helping women with pelvic disorders with their treatment by providing the best devices for diagnosing such issues. The device is developed in a way that it allows a patient to be treated through monitoring usage and improvement in the pelvic floor during pelvic movement.


Marc Beer has produced $42 million, which includes $32million in series B equity, $10 in venture debt. All these financial assets are to be used to sustain clinical trials, product development pipeline, corporate development that may take place in the future.


With the improved technology and innovation at Renova Inc., patients now receive treatment options after discussing well the information. This in return not only provides information on the treatments but it also provides information on pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor a disorder is among the types of diseases that not only affects the patient’s immunity but also expensive and drains the patient financially considering it is a long-term disease.


The device that has been developed for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders can also help patients of urinary incontinence. This disease is common among women. The number stands at about 250 million globally. When the device is used in this case, it works through isolating and directing optimal movement of the levator plate. During the period at which the patient recovers the device collects data on their progress. Luckily the company’s first device Leva passed all the required clinical tests and was passed by FDA this year April.


Working together with Marc Beer to achieve this dream is Samantha Pulliam, Jessica McKinney, the VP of medical affairs as well as Jim O’Connor. In a recent interview when he was asked the secret to how far he has made it, he said that successful entrepreneurs do not let all for their emotions to guide their behavior and decisions. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer


Krishen Iyer Is A Digital Marketing Professional With A Heart Of Gold

Krishen Iyer has been working with Managed Benefits for years. The company, once known as Quick Link Marketing, has benefited greatly from Iyer’s digital marketing skills as well as his talents with technical development. He has always been an entrepreneur who has a knack for paying attention to important details and has been able to use his technical skills to round out his talents. Krishen Iyer received his bachelor’s degree in urban development and public administration while studying at San Diego State University. His degree has helped him to advance in his career, but it has really been his personality that has moved him forward more. Iyer has always wanted to do more for the city he lives in and has contributed by helping to clean parks in his area. He has also sponsored children in Haiti through donations and hopes to continue to do as much as he can.


On most days, Krishen Iyer works closely with his clients so he can get a clear picture of what it is they need from him. He feels that every single idea he comes up with can benefit and grow through communication. Iyer loves that there are more marketing analysis tools available in today’s world and uses them in order to give his clients exactly what they want. As an entrepreneur in the digital marketing sector, Krishen Iyer likes to gain new perspectives by asking many different people questions about the field.


Krishen Iyer has a hard time looking at any mistake as a failure because he always chooses to learn from any mistake he makes. In a recent interview, he was asked to talk about one of his favorite books, and he revealed that he would recommend that anyone read “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft,” by Stephen King. While it is a book about writing better, he feels that there are lots of hidden gems in the book that entrepreneurs can benefit from. At the end of the day, Krishen Iyer loves what he does for a living and will continue to look for new ways to apply modern technology to help companies generate leads and earn more revenue.

A Closer Look at the Career Background of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a retired investment banker. He currently works at Bainbridge Group to invest in stocks, as well as for commodity as well as foreign exchange investment. He is become an expert in those areas.


Mr. Cornelsen was born in 1987 in Curitiba, Brazil. He had a dream of becoming an engineer when he was young. He followed his dream by pursuing engineering at the Federal University of Parana. He however didn’t continue with the course. He, instead, switched courses two years into the engineering course and pursued economics at the same university. Joining the university to pursue engineering was an achievement on itself at the time. The Federal University of Parana was the only university in Santa Carina state as well as Parana states which offered engineering courses. Admission to the university to pursue was highly competitive. He eventually graduated in 1970 with a degree in economics.


Immediately after graduation, Igor Cornelsen joined Multibanco and worked as an investment banker in the company. His expertise in compound interest calculations earned him the position. The expertise was valuable because computers as well as calculators were rare at the time.

He performed well at the position that he joined the company’s board of directors in 1974. Two years later, he ascended to the position of the Chief Executive Officer at the company. He decided to look for a new challenge when Bank of America acquired Multibanco.

He moved to Unibanco, a successful Brazilian Investment firm. He later moved to London Merchant Bank serving as an investment advisor. London Merchant Bank re-branded to Libra Bank PLC. His service at Libra Bank PLC was outstanding. Consequently, he was offered an opportunity to sit on the board of directors of the company. He served in the company’s board of directors for seven years while representing it in Brazil. In 1995, Igor Cornelsen founded Bainbridge Investment Inc, a Bahamas-based company. The company identifies new investment opportunities and formulates investment strategies.

Talos Energy Maintain a Consistent Trajectory Towards the Completion of Zama Discovery

Recently, CNH approved Talos Energy’s appraisal plan. This marks the beginning of the appraisal of the Zama discovery. CNH is working on other permits that are required for drilling to begin. Talos aims to spud the Zama-2 in the end of this year and it also aims to complete the appraisal program by mid next year.

In addition, Talos and Block 7 Consortium have entered into a contract with an Ensco PLC subsidiary to use the Ensco 8503 semi-submersible rig for the appraisal plan. In the contract, the rig will be used for the drilling of a sidetrack, two wells and a well test.

The Houston-based company has laid down foundations and even started on the appraisal plan. It is on a trajectory to the targeted Zama discovery initial production in 2022. Its workforce incorporates Mexicans, an indication of presence of inclusivity in the company’s culture. The company has been resilient in its efforts to grow and acquire, explore and produce over the last one decade.

The company is reaching out to valuable resources, otherwise seen as unreachable, through innovation in exploration and production. It is always working towards acquiring, exploiting and exploring in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast region using sizable seismic database. It also incorporates proprietary techniques in their operations to realize its goals. The company has a strong geophysical, geological and operating experience in the oil and gas industry.

As a cohesive group, the company is working in unity to continue improving on its strong track record of positive results. It harnesses the power of empowering employees to drive their productivity. The company is an equal opportunity employer with career opportunities in exploration, production and corporate areas.

Talos Energy offers competitive benefits, advancement opportunities, flexible work schedules to encourage work, and life balance and more. The company has established a great working place for its employees. Employees were surveyed on their working conditions and Talos Energy on top in the Top Workplace in the Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces. The company has featured on top of the list for 4 consecutive years. The privately-held company has about 250 employees.

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A Glimpse at NexBank: One of the Largest Banks based in Dallas

NexBank is a financial services company based in Dallas. It offers banking and financial products as well as services. The company was founded in 1922 and at the helm of Nexbank’s leadership team, John L. Hold Jr. is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 9.57.04 AM

NexBank services

The established company offers mortgages, personal checking accounts, savings accounts and mobile banking including savings accounts, internet banking, treasury management as well as commercial checking accounts, and commercial lending services; real estate and business loans. NexBank also offers institutional services such as corporate lending and banking, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and advisory, customized programs, investment banking, syndicated loan servicing, land advisory services and agency services. The financial services company has $8.1 billion in assets. It offers the services to institutional clients, financial institutions, large corporations, middle-market companies and real estate investors.


John L. Holt is a Director of NexBank Capital, Inc., as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of NexBank SSB. He is also the President and CEO of both NexBank Capital and NexBank SSB. He also sits on the Texas Bankers Association’s Board of Directors.

The company’s executive management team combines industry experience and strong focus on serving their customers to provide unparalleled financial services capabilities to corporate customers, individual customers as well as institutional customers.

The directors who sits in the company’s board brings many years of leadership and management experience. The executive members work around the clock towards the success of the company. So far, the company has a track record of positive results with the management team in place. Making their customers achieve their financial objectives is their ultimate goal.

NexBank SSB is a subsidiary of NexBank Capital Inc. The directors in NexBank Capital’s board are the same ones who sits in the NexBank SSB’s board, James Dondero and John Holt leading them. The company has grown tremendously under John Holt’s tenure to become one of the largest banks in Dallas, Texas. The commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking areas also expanded to meet their clients’ goals. Mr. John Holt attended and graduated from Southwestern Graduate School of Banking of Southern Methodist University. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. NexBank SSB was formally Heritage Bank SSB before it rebranded.

The acquisition of College Savings Bank of New Jersey by NexBank

The acquisition happened a few years ago. College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey is known for 529 plan college-savings programs. On the wake of the acquisition, College Savings Bank of New Jersey continued with its operations as normal under new ownership.

The New Jersey, Princeton bank was founded in 1987 and it has been focusing on college savings since then. It is also known for Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan and the Indiana College Choice CD 529 Plan. NexBank, with almost a century in business, it has made other acquisitions and strived towards excellence in its core areas of business including commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking.

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Dick DeVos: Businessman & Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is in the news again. His family has been working political circles, which is evident by the amount of time DeVos and his wife, the 11th US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, have spent in the public eye on Capitol Hill. The pair make a great team and have proven that their partnership has changed the face of their hometown. The city of Grand Rapids used to be a small place, but with the help of the DeVos Family Foundation, their hometown has blossomed and grown over the past three decades.


In addition, Dick DeVos has recently joined the Federal Aviation Administration through their Management Advisory Council. The council was set up in 2017 with 13 members from transportation authority and airline executive backgrounds. It’s clear to see that DeVos has a business background, but many were surprised to know that DeVos is more of an aviator as well.


From the time he was young, DeVos has always been obsessed with planes. He got his first pilot’s license when he was young, and now he has licenses for several jets and helicopters. He even co-founded his own charter school to train students to become pilots. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


The airport is actually the biggest reason why DeVos was invited to the special civilian council by the FAA. While the FAA has a lot of challenges ahead in policies and regulation changes, they also wanted someone who could help with strategies for future growth. After all, it was President Trump who challenged the FAA to pull America’s aviation industry out of the dumps. This came after the President said that aviation in America had fallen behind other foreign airports.


DeVos has plenty of experience with upgrading airports and keeping them in business. He was the one who put the Grand Rapids airport on the map, so to speak. Before 1999, no one knew that Grand Rapids had an airport, probably. It was a small executive airport that had a handful of flights. DeVos changed all of that in the early 2000s when he made one phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways.


He asked the CEO if he would be open to adding new flights to business traveler destinations. DeVos had a plan. He had already built up parts of downtown to be more entertaining and conducive to conferences, reminiscent of places like Orlando and Vegas. He wanted Grand Rapids to join the business traveler circuit as well.


So AirTran Airways agreed to four new destinations. This would include Orlando, Vegas, Denver, and St. Louis. All of a sudden, ticket sales picked up and the airport was booming. This led to a $45 million expansion that was completed in 2018.


Now that DeVos has joined the FAA, it’s clear that he’s here to stay. He will be meeting with the FAA once every quarter to discuss policies, regulations, and future growth plans.


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