O2Pur Offers Fresh eCig Satisfaction that is Distinct from Tobacco

O2Pur is one of the companies that are taking the eCig industry to the next level. The world of vaping has been expanding fast behind the scenes. Indeed, vaping has been around for a while. The traditional cigarette manufacturers wished it away at first, but it refused to go away. Instead, vaping was threatening the status quo. It is for the fear of losing business to electronic cigarette manufacturers that giant tobacco firms such as Philip Morris and BAT decided either to buy off the smaller eCig Companies or start their own eCigs to compete with the others in the segment.

However, emerging eCig manufacturers including Companies such as O2Pur have come on stage with a unique business model and products to merchandise. Vaping has its pleasures that stand out as distinct and unique. Thus, the multi-nationals could not really get rid of the eCig competitors from the market. To get the best of vaping experience, here are some tips

Ecigs Versus Tobacco

eCigs provide an alternative avenue for leaving the world of tobacco. eCigs have been found to help some people to move out of tobacco smoking. While the original eCigs lacked originality in terms of flavor, some brands have shown that the tobacco craving goes away as soon as they touch the first eCig and take a vape. O2Pur is one of the companies that started producing unique eCigs, with flavors that make users want to keep vaping. Those who seek to use electronic cigarettes have their tastes. So, the company has decided that it is time to add some spice and sparkle to the lives of vaping enthusiasts.

The Vaping Tips Exemplified

Choosing the right eCig is something that eCig smokers need to learn. The various brands come with their own unique flavors and packaging style. The world of eCigs is large and fairly well developed. Figures show that, so far, there are over 500 eCig brands. Some brands still cling to the tobacco reliance. Indeed, the cheaper eCigs are often the culprits of tobacco imitations. They are commonly placed beside the tobacco products in most outlets. Therefore, it is not a good idea to try out eCigs that no one checks to establish their true value. Avoid the cheap eCig brands. One of the selling points of eCigs is the convenience in their use. eCigs do not have valiant enemies as yet. Most jurisdictions do not have laws that control vaping.

So, while cigarette smokers are constantly under siege, vapers can enjoy their smoke-free eCig anywhere any time. Another advantage that Cigs have over cigarettes is that they are not addictive. One can try out their eCig as many times as possible anywhere without necessarily having to think about addiction. The portability and the stylish presentation of eCig is also another advantage. Vaping allows users the freedom to choose. Besides, vaping does not cling to the users’ shirts’ collars. Traditional cigarettes often leave you smelling like a chimney; once you are through.

Bruno Fagali: The Exceptional Lawyer

     Bruno Fagali from Brazil is not your usual lawyer. He is a man who decided that he will stand out from the crowd of lawyers and practice differently. Bruno is a professional in administrative law. Nevertheless, he also focuses on other types of law. Bruno has gathered his experience by working for various law firms. Currently, Bruno is working on introducing a new division or aspect in the nation’s legal system. He wants to change the society and the country.

All the experience Fagali gained from other firms enabled him to start his practice. Fagali Law Firm is growing steadily and aiming to become more prominent with time. All these achievements are founded on Bruno’s education. He started his journey by attaining a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paolo. He added a master degree to reinforce his skills and qualification. Bruno’s education has a significant part in the progress he has made.

While practicing administrative law,Fagali developed an interest in urban compliance, regulatory law, and ethics. Integrity is an essential virtue to Bruno in every sphere of his life. This passion has driven Bruno to fight corruption through his career. Corruption characterizes Brazil’s allocation of public funds. According to Bruno, mitigating or ending this kind of impunity is possible. He has founded an initiative that will prevent misappropriation of public funds.

The program will be launched in government offices, especially those dealing with government contracts. Since Bruno introduced this initiative, he has been quite busy. Private organizations are also using it to maintain transparency and integrity in their entities. Bruno Fagali is impressed by the reception of this initiative, and he is supporting organizations wherever he can.

A specific advertising company hired Bruno to be their integrity manager. Nova/sb mainly deals with business from the government. They are glad to have Bruno’s expertise in compliance and ethics. The company also gets business from non-governmental organizations. Bruno Fagali appreciates whatever services he gives this company. Bruno Fagali is not an individual who focuses on one area. He believes in impacting the society from all possible perspectives. Bruno is exemplary to his peers and the community in its entirety.

OSI Group: Leading by Example in High-Quality Foodservices

What would the world do without foodservices? That’s a very important question since most people and most businesses survive from dealing with professional food providers. There are a number of quality food providers in society today, but there is one that is outperforming all of the rest. OSI Group, an American wholesaler of food products, is the quintessential foodservice provider of the 21st century. You won’t find a more productive company than this. OSI Group has well-over a century’s worth of experience, and it’s still going strong. This is a true rags to riches type of story as the company started-out by selling only meats. Yes, this is very true, but with its success, the company began to grow into other aspects of the foodservice business.

Chicken fried steak, fritters, bacon bits, chicken nuggets, pot roast, pizza, hotdogs, flatbread, fresh dough products, bacon slices, fruits, cheese, cookies, cucumbers, tomatoes, panini, cooked sausage links, meatloaf, chicken wings, meatballs and many other foods are being produced here on a daily basis. The company has well-over 60 state-of-the-art facilities. In China, OSI has up to 10 advanced facilities, and these facilities are high-in-volume. China’s economy has certainly benefited from OSI’s 20-year presence. OSI Group has done a phenomenal job of evolving with the times. By doing so, it has acquires other successful businesses like Flagship Europe and BAHO Food. By making acquisitions like this, the company can now expand into foreign territories. In most cases, OSI has held onto many of the companies’ former-employees.

Here in the U.S., OSI Group has facilities in numerous areas such as Iowa, Illinois, Utah, California and Wisconsin. Its supply chain is very efficient as well as very consistent. Just about every region of the globe has benefited from this company’s products or services. All in all, OSI Group is simply leading by example, and it’s setting a higher mark than before.

Contact OSI Group: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group

Jed McCaleb and Stellar Foundation

Blockchain technology, a viable tool that is also a Democratic phenomenon in the cryptocurrency milieu, has the real potential to be an industry disruptor. Jed McCaleb, a programmer, technologist, and entrepreneur is trying to change the world with his newest venture, Stellar Foundation.

Stellar Foundation was built on the notion that people, who have not been able to connect to financial institutions in the developing world could do so. Jed McCaleb had an issue with financial institutions and baking institutions that presented unreasonable restrictions for people. Jed McCaleb was noted as saying that “the world’s financial infrastructure is broken and that too many people are left without resources.”

Jed McCaleb knows a thing or two about creating cutting-edge platforms like Mt. Gox, a Bitcoin Exchange he founded in Japan — and eDonkey in 2000, a peer-to-peer Internet filing service that was similar at the time to Napster.com. Jed McCaleb has also been a part of Code Collective.

Stellar Foundation’s approach, as mentioned in Github, is to make real progress in the banking that by using a more robust technology for making Bitcoin transactions. Well known technology companies like IBM have partnered up with Stellar Foundation based on its robustness and speed of transactions using the technology of blockchain. IBM worked with Stellar to build a system that would help cover a large percentage of payments in the South Pacific region of Asia.

The company, Mobius hatched its ICO using Jed McCaleb’s and Kim’s Stellar platform to raise close to 40 million dollars. Since the start of 2018, many more people are interested in what Stellar as a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can do. Stellar (XLM) is ranked 8th of all cryptocurrencies traded, according to Coinmarketcap.com. Stellar’s market cap crossed $5 billion in early 2018 and is staying above that watermark, today.

Jed McCaleb, along with co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), Joyce Kim, created this foundation to provide easy access and a cheap online payment system, globally. The Stellar network was hatched in late 2015. Many upgrades were made to the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), to provide quick, yet secure transactions.

Read this cnbc.com article on Jed McCaleb’s prediction about blockchain and how it can change the banking system.

AvaTrade Review: An Outside Look

AvaTrade is one of the largest forex brokers in the world. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Unlike most of the forex brokers, AvaTrade is regulated by major financial institutions in Europe such as the Central Bank of Ireland and several others. The firm is registered as an investment company under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. Besides, AvaTrade is also licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Compared to other similar service providers, AvaTrade tops the list of forex brokers that offer the best kind of trading tools.


AvaTrade offers various trading platforms which give traders options to choose the best styles to trade on. We also noticed that AvaTrade is one of the few fore brokers that allow the trading of cryptocurrency on its platforms. Sometimes getting started on forex trading might be a little bit tricky especially someone has not been trading previously. However, AvaTrade has detailed guidelines which are meant to help amateur traders to pick up quickly. It also has online courses for those who would want to learn more about forex trading.


Pros and cons of AvaTrade




 AvaTrade has more than four trading platforms that traders can choose from

 AvaTrade provides its traders with an opportunity to access multiple financial markets globally

 AvaTrade never lets the account of any trader to fall below zero at any point.




 Withdrawal of funds can last up to 10 days in AvaTrade

 Traders pay the same spread regardless of their volume of transactions


Product and Fees


AvaTrade review explain they provides a range of products and services on its platforms. Among the common products it offers are cryptocurrency trading, stocks indices, forex among others. The other important thing to note about AvaTrade is that it does not incur transaction cost on its traders. However, it is also worth noting that AvaTrade does not provide discounts to traders who have large balances on their trading accounts.


In general, AvaTrade is one of the most trusted forex brokers in the world. Having been founded in 2006, the company has grown in bounds and attracted customers all over the world.

Dr. Jim Toner Offers Infertile Couples Hope

Infertility is something many couples have to deal with. So many couples have dealt with multiple miscarriages, slow sperm, low sperm counts, and other issues with achieving a pregnancy. These couples need to have doctors they can go to solve these issues. Fortunately, there are many excellent doctors out there that can assist with infertility issues. One of the top doctors in the field of infertility medicine is Doctor Jim Toner, who is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Toner is part of the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Toner specializes in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He also offers some alternative style medicines, such as acupuncture, for his patients.

Doctor Jim Toner took a somewhat untraditional path to becoming a doctor. He began his studies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at St. Joseph’s College. He graduated from St. Joseph’s College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The education he received here may be why he is so excellent with his patients. In 1985 he graduated with an M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He completed his residency in 1989 at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, located in Norfolk, Virginia. Dr. Jim Toner also completed his fellowship at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in 1981. While at the Jones Institute, Dr. Toner received many awards. In 1989, he received the Resident of the Year award. He was also inducted into the medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha.

Dr. Toner subsequently was invited to become a faculty member at the Jones Institute, where he stayed for 15 years and eventually became an Associate Professor. He also directed the Fellowship Program, as well as the Jones Institute’s Third-Party Reproduction program. In 2000, Dr. Jim Toner left the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine to join the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Toner is so highly liked by his patients, making the Healthgrades Honor Roll with a 4.8 out of 5 rating. He has received the Ortha Award from the American Fertility Society, the Faculty Development Award from The Berlex Foundation, and the Ciba-Geigy Award from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. More information about Dr. Jim Toner can be read on his LinkedIn profile.

Creating Timeless Wealth with Agora Financial

Agora Financial is an industry leader in providing independent financial advice, commentary, and market predictions to the public through print and online publications, videos, online seminars, conference calls and more.

Background Information

Agora Financial’s publications empower members of the public with the knowledge and information that they need to control their finances and grow their savings and investments and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

Where, When, How

Agora Financial’s unique approach to building wealth and managing money shows members of the public where, when and how to invest and grow their savings by helping them sort through all the conflicting financial advice that they’re bombarded with daily and protect their investments from opportunists. Each of Agora Financial’s publications is designed to help you navigate a different area of the market, from discovering businesses that are poised for growth, to secrets of generating and boosting income, to wealth protection strategies that protect you from economic meltdowns.

Services Provided

Agora Financial invests over one million dollars annually on independent, unbiased research and travel for their analysts who go on site to all corners of the world to find profitable investment trends that haven’t hit the mainstream markets yet. These new ideas that haven’t hit the mainstream markets give you the biggest payoffs because you get the opportunity to buy in cheap and watch your investment grow when they finally hit the mainstream markets.

Team of Experts

Moreover, Agora Financial’s team of experts includes a trained Geologist, a billionaire, and philanthropist, the world’s leading Bond Experts, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated Journalist.

Accurate Market Predictions

Agora Financial has a long history of accurate market predictions. They accurately predicted the rise in prices of gold (1999), the mortgage crisis (2008), a full four years before, the super spike in oil prices (2007), and a rise in biotechnology, personalized and regenerative medicine (2008), four years before mainstream media caught on.These market predictions enabled Agora Financial users to protect themselves and even thrive through the changing economic times that left others feeling blindsided and left out.

The Outline of Services

Users are able to manage their money the way they want to and build enough wealth for the things that matter thanks to Agora Financial.


Jim Toner: An Expert in Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Jim Toner is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s College where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. After graduating from Saint Joseph’s, he attended University of Pennsylvania, where he received degrees in medicine and a PhD. Recognized for his high level of achievement, Dr. Toner was selected as a member of an elite medical honor society.

After completing his residency, Dr. Toner worked as a professor at Jones Institute. Due to his excellence as a Resident at the institute, he was awarded a position as a professor. Dr. Toner served at the institute for 15 years and achieved a position as an Associate Professor before his departure.

Dr. Toner currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he practices Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He has worked at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine approximately 18 years. Dr. Toner has worked as a medical doctor for 27 years. Dr. Toner combines his expertise as a Doctor of Psychology along with his practice of medicine to address the emotional and medical issues that occur during infertility.

Regarded as a leader in reproductive medicine, Dr. Jim Toner was recognized as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors of American Society for Reproductive Medicine for 2017-2018. As a published author, Dr. Toner has written on the topic of infertility. Dr. Toner published for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Clients have provided positive feedback regarding the treatment they have received from Dr. Toner. One client gave Dr. Toner a five-star rating and indicated that she was hopeful regarding having a child in the future because of Dr. Toner ‘s level of medical expertise and the care she received by his staff. Additionally, one client who drove four hours round trip to her appointment with Dr. Toner gave him a five-star rating and said the trip was worth the investment of her time.

Patients have a great deal of respect for Dr. Toner. His performance rating for trustworthiness, communication with customers, responsiveness to patient questions, and time spent with patients is excellent. Moreover, patients regard Dr. Toner’s staff as excellent in each area they were assessed which includes: the office environment, appointment scheduling, and friendliness. Clients commended Dr. Toner and his staff for the low wait time they experience after they arrive for their appointments.

To book an appointment with Dr. Toner, visit https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/jim-toner-md-4c6ae85e-1525-41ca-9f9e-1d731925191a-appointments

Tony Petrello Is All About Giving Back To His Community and Employees At Nabors Industries

     For the people who live in Houston, if there is one name that they know associated with giving back, its Tony Petrello. The CEO for Nabors Industries has taken on a whole new level of giving back to the community. Why exactly is that? Well, Tony Petrello grew up in a home that faced weekly struggles because of the lack of money in the home. So because he came from nothing essentially, he believes in giving back to ensure that others don’t feel the same amount of stress.

One of the places that Tony Petrello gives back to is the Texas Childrens Hospital. Tony Petrello and his family were forced to live through their own ordeal when his wife Cynthia went into premature labor for their Carena. Carena was born at only 24 weeks and tipped the scales out at 20 ounces. Because of the premature birth, Carena was faced with a number of health problems. For this reason, the Petrello family wants to help others out and ease some of the stress they are under when faced with something like this.

For Nabors Industries employees, they have lived through their own ordeal as well when Hurricane Harvey touched land in 2017. When the hurricane made landfall, it took out a good portion of Houston. There were many streets flooded and many homes were destroyed. For the employees, they were faced with the possibility of losing their homes as well as the possibility of trying to keep their jobs.

Tony Petrello didnt stress so much about it. He knew that his employees would need time to gather their thoughts, belongings and try to salvage their homes. That is why the employees who were affected by it, they were given paid time off. They were allowed to gather their things and family members and figure out what they needed to do, all the while getting paid.

In the recent months, Tony Petrello and his wife have honored and opened their home up to host a gathering for Tommy Tune, Broadway star. While returning to Houston, Tommy was set to perform for a small group of people, the fans who were unable to get to NYC for Broadway shows. While performing for the 5,000 fans, he was first greeted by Tony Petrello and wife. Hosting a party for only 50 people, Tommy was welcomed back to his hometown with open arms.

Eric Lefkofsky Is Accomplishing Great Things With Tempus

When it comes to the medical industry, the main focus is creating and developing new ways to help treat and cure people of their illnesses. Cancer is one of the toughest sicknesses to deal with today, as there is no specific known cure to help every individual. Eric Lefkofsky is taking a step towards improving cancer research and treatments for physicians and patients through the company Tempus. Eric is confident in his approach and is actively working to ensure Tempus aligns with his vision, which is to improve the medical industry through technology.

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus and currently leads as the Chief Executive Officer. Operating out of Chicago, Tempus is a tech company that aims to help improve research and data available to the medical industry, doctors specifically, to treat patient illness. By bringing together patient information that includes genomic data, physician notes, and treatment processes, Tempus can then structure the data in an efficient and effective way for medical doctors to use.

Eric is bringing all of this data to a singular location to ensure the processing is done as effectively as possible as quickly as it can be done. Since there is a vast amount of data out there on patients, it takes Tempus quite a bit of time to structure it all together, especially without any specific guidelines to the data itself. Eric actively works to improve Tempus and solve the issue facing the medical industry today, which is lack of technology. As of now, Eric is working to process all of the data that has come available to output more precise final results.

Eric is not only working to improve the medical industry through Tempus, but he is a regular philanthropist in his daily life. Alongside his wife, Eric Lefkofsky has founded his own foundation that aims to improve education for students as well as the programs available to them to set them up for the future. Whether its human rights, art, or medical, Eric’s foundation is truly aiming to make the world a better place by creating a more positive community for everyone.

Read More: www.lightbank.com/team/eric-lefkofsky