George Soros Takes to Fight to Trump

George Soros is a well-known billionaire and philanthropist has been very vocal about his opposition to the GOP. Every time Republican Party tries to implement policy change George Soros is right there to stop it either by large donations to the opposition or using one of his many nonprofits to sway the people’s opinions against conservative right.

George Soros has openly declared war on the GOP and this hostility toward them has earned him the coveted name of the bogeyman of the right. They have named him this because he embodies everything the right hates. Soros believes in equality, free sexual expression, immigration rights, and civil rights for all. These beliefs in promoting human rights have angered and terrified the Republicans. What terrifies the right is not that George Soros disagrees with them, it is that he has the money and the global connections necessary to put up road blocks at every turn.

George Soros has this kind of worldwide influence due to his nonprofit the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations has made it their mission to support young democracies around the world so that they can continue to represent the people and be accountable to the electorate. George Soros and his nonprofit have helped nearly 100 countries establish democracies even in the midst of upheaval and civil unrest.

George Soros has not only helped countries abroad but also right here at home. George Soros is passionate about promoting leftist ideals in the United States of America. This has led him to back many Democratic candidates in their bid for the House, Senate, and the presidency.

In 2004 George Soros supported his favorite candidate John Kerry in his bid to win the White House. During that time, John Kerry was up against the incumbent President George W. Bush. George Soros desperately wanted John Kerry to win sets John Kerry promised he would bring us out of the two wars were facing in the Middle East. Unfortunately, John Kerry would lose the election. The reality is that though Kerry lost, the Democrats were able to sway the public opinion against the wars in the Middle East, and thus, gain support for the left for the next election.

In 2008 the Democrats would win the election countrywide by a landslide. It all began with a meteoric rise of Barack Obama the Senator of Illinois. As he won the heart of the American people, George Soros saw that Barack Obama would be the greatest instrument of liberal change the world had ever seen. This proved to be true as Barack Obama secured women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and immigration rights on a large scale.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton would face Donald Trump in a war for the presidency. George Soros would try to tip the scales in Hillary Clinton’s favor by giving to her and the Democratic national party $25 million. Though she lost the nomination, George Soros has won the war as America is currently disapproving of Trump’s presidency.

The Influence of Desiree Perez on the Entertainment Industry Recognized

When “Billboard” releases its list of the most influential female executives in the entertainment industry it is no surprise to find the name of Desiree Perez mentioned in a major way. The Roc Nation executive has been an integral part of the business career of Shawn Carter, better known as rapper Jay-Z for more than a decade and has guided the Roc Nation label to the amazing success it has become in recent years; as both a mentor to artists and a tough negotiator, Desiree Perez has built a powerful career as one of the top female executives in many areas of the entertainment community.

Desiree Perez was one of the original members of the SC Enterprises brand created by Jay-Z to give him a base for his business and musical interests. To build a successful business, Jay-Z allowed a different kind of executive management model to thrive at SC Enterprises and Roc Nation; the decision to create a group of experienced executives was an easy one to take and has seen various executives take on wide-ranging roles within the company allowing Desiree Perez to build her knowledge of different aspects of the entertainment sector. The wide-ranging role undertaken by Desiree Perez has seen her named to the multisector list of influential female executives created by “Billboard”.

Gaining from the experience and business skills of Desiree Perez has been the aim of many of the artists at Roc Nation and the label itself. When the 10-year, $100 million deal to establish Roc Nation as part of the Live Nation business group was negotiated in 2008, Desiree Perez appeared as the lead expert for Jay-Z; a similar role was undertaken by the entrepreneur when the deal was renegotiated in 2017 and a further distribution deal was created with the Universal Music Group.

The Brown Agency Helps Ambitious Models Start Careers

A career in modeling has to be one of the most glamorous ways to live out one’s life, but it isn’t an easy one to get into. You need to have determination and a desire to make something of yourself. It may take the guidance of those who have been in the business for sometime to finally get the big break you’ve been looking for. The Brown Agency gives people all of those chances for themselves in one single swoop. Justin Brown has always loved modeling and he wants to make sure that people are able to enter the field for themselves.

According to Market wired, Justin Brown understands that most models think of modeling as simply being a walk on a runway and the various trappings surrounding that, but he’s clear to mention that this isn’t the entire case. Most people who get into modeling have the potential to go so much further and do things completely unrelated to the runway. He offers commercial modeling for those who want to get into advertising and other more plentiful and numerous opportunities for models. The idea of limiting yourself to one specific form of modeling just isn’t what the Brown Agency is about at all.

The Brown Agency didn’t get as far as it did by giving people less than they expected. Part of the reason it’s so successful is because Brown makes an effort to connect models with people who can introduce them to an entirely new way of thinking. If a model feels there are better opportunities in acting, for example, they can now live out those dreams through the theater modeling Brown Agency offers. People can go from this into other venues simply by virtue of the witnesses to their talent. Giving people a way to display their talent puts the Brown Agency apart.

To reach this level and endure for this long shows that the Brown Agency isn’t just a fleeting idea. It has captured something many people want to see and many people want to be part of. You can never look at the number of people who want to become models and not admire their determination. Justin Brown has been involved in the fashion industry for years and he wants to give everyone a chance to expand on this amazing dream. It isn’t surprising that he happens to have one of the world’s most successful modeling agencies. If things continue to go his way, we’re going to hear more about the Brown Agency. They’ve made it far and they plan on going even further. This is a dream for countless ambitious self driven people. All they need is somebody who believes in them with the keys to open doors.

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Iconic Excellence of SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is a young man who has known the art of excelling in the security market. As a young entrepreneur and CIO of the Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is an investor who has surprised many by his success in the risky financial market. Sahm Adrangi has earned the great trust of his clients and continue to expand his firm’s wealth and portfolio through the clients who continue investing their funds in his firm.

He holds a degree in the University of Yale majoring in Economics. He also has vast experience in the world of investment as he has worked in various companies before starting his own firm. It is notable that he got various achievements in the companies he used to work in before.

Some of the companies he worked in are Longacre and Chanin capital. He worked as the investment analyst where he undertook to assist both equity investors and the creditors. During his career as an investment analysis, he assisted the creditors in the analysis of credits and how to deal with the bad debts. Also, he assisted various companies that were headed to liquidation. He managed to assist clients by advising them on how to insure debts so as to lower the risk of loss on bad debts. He also advocated for the disposal of the non-performing assets and security. In a bid to assist the clients that were headed to liquidation, he noted that mergers, acquisition, and take-over were some of the best options to recover such clients.

Another part of the success of Mr. Adrangi is as a writer. He has written various financial narratives to ensure that all his clients are acquainted with the market happenings. He has also influenced so many investors who have retired early to conduct their own financial investments.

It should be noted that the investor has greatly mentored young entrepreneurs by giving tips on how to succeed in short-term markets without incurring great losses in the market. One of the key note he notes is that every person in the market should have a unique trait that will make him or her outstanding in the market.

Paul Mampilly Reviews Amazon’s Forays IntoHealthcare

Amazon traces its roots to an innovative digital bookstore. Today, it is in almost every sector of the online economy. The online giant is looking to get into the healthcare market. This move has financial experts such as Paul Mampilly worried. He is a prominent Wall Street veteran with extensive experience managing hedge funds and investment banking. When it does make the foray into healthcare, Amazon will grab dividend-paying stocks.

Thousands of his readers hold the same stocks. Paul Mampilly describes a phenomenon where stock prices plummet after being targeted by Amazon. The online conglomerate has its eyes set on the prescription drugs segment. There is a complex pricing mechanism, which factors in production costs, research and development, distribution and marketing channels used to sell the drugs. It involves pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, insurers, benefit managers, and distributors.

Multiple studies into the rising healthcare budget indicate that the highest percentage goes to prescription drugs. The current supply chain system is thought to be rigged in favor of brokers and insurance companies. Patients and taxpayers bear the brunt of the process. Amazon is reported to be looking to take to the big pharmacy chain model.

This will force the sector to pay more attention to pricing strategies and transparency; two elements that brokers and distributors exploit to obtain huge profits. The first revolution will hit when the agents start feeling the squeeze on their revenues. Big name pharmacy chains such as CVS and Express Scripts are already experiencing a drop in stock prices. These signs indicate the markets are getting ready for the online giant’s entry into the market.

Besides Amazon, the only other winners in this equation are the patients who will get quality medications at a fraction of the cost. Paul Mampilly suggests you hold off boosting your healthcare stocks as they are expected to head south. He built a lucrative career on Wall Street in various executive roles. He has worked for big names such as ING and Deutsche Bank.

At the height of his career, Paul Mampilly changed tactic to focus on private investments and financial advisory. He runs Profits Unlimited, a publication of Banyan Hill. Additionally, he oversees two premier trading services including Extreme Fortunes, a heady guide into wildly lucrative options, and True Momentum, the perfect guide to medium-risk opportunities with high-yields.

Close to a hundred thousand followers depend on his advice to grow and protect their portfolios. His strategies are on point helping average Americans make sense of the financial markets and benefit from Wall Street.

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Financial Expert and Humanitarian-Greg Secker


Recently the CEO/CFO magazine conducted an interview with Greg Secker and this is how the interview went about; CEO/CFO senior editor asked Greg about him being a “why not guy and not a why guy”, and according to Mr. Secker that has always been her philosophy. Secker confessed that he is the type of person who always says things which he later figures out. This is not different with what he is doing with Flying Trader Initiative where he said many people asked why he was doing it and the first question that came to his mind was why not. He wanted to give people money and help the needy as he teaches them how to trade and that they can trade anywhere, and anytime.

Another interesting question asked by the magazine was how Greg Secker changed into the finance industry yet he studied Agriculture at the University. Mr. Greg said that how he switched careers was interesting. At the University he was also selling and constructing computers and the job gave him an opportunity to learn more in the world of computers and he achieved a lot among them constructing a 3D interactive model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. He later joined Thomas Cook Financial services and it is there that he was introduced to financial trading.

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur who is also an expert in the Foreign Exchange market. Greg is not a business person but he has many other titles including; a motivational speaker, humanitarian, trader, and entrepreneur. His trading and business skills were gained while he was still young. Greg loved to do things with his hands, and while still studying at the University of Nottingham built and sold computers. Mr. Secker began his career serving as a technologist at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the financial institution, Greg learned about Forex trade and he used his knowledge and experience to teach and help others. He is also a writer and has published several books, and a philanthropist who helps the community through his non-profit organization; the Greg Secker Foundation which was established in 2010.


Parents Interview Teachers At The New Rocketship Education In D.C.

Recently, a group of parents interviewed prospective teachers to be hired by the Rocketship D.C. Elementary School. The school selected a couple of parents who have to clear a teacher before they are offered a job at the new school. This revolutionary approach is in sharp contrast with the traditional strategy where school owners are responsible for employing the teachers that they feel are right for the students. At Rocketship Educaton, a teacher must satisfy his or her abilities to the interviewing panel, which is made up of parents.

Some of the parents who have taken part in the interview sessions are Rhodesia Small and her boyfriend, Christopher Smith. The couple has a five-year-old daughter who they plan to send to the school when it officially opens early next year. The daughter, Beautyful, is one of the many students in Washington D.C. who will benefit from this uniquely interviewed team of teachers. The new school will be located in Ward 8. It will be the first Rocketship elementary school to be constructed in the city following a vote by D.C. Public Charter School Board to allow the network to enter the state. In addition, the vote allows the network to build up to five elementary schools in the region.

The California-based charter school network aims to provide children from low-income families with quality education. The school’s efforts have helped many students to be the first in their families to graduate from high school. Beautyful is set to be the first in her family to achieve this milestone. Her father, a 29-year-old D.C. native, did not graduate from high school. Smith believes that Rocketship will help his daughter to get a better education and be set for a more successful career and life.

Rocketship elementary school in D.C.’s Ward 8 is located opposite Woodland Terrace, a sprawling residential area. The school is two minutes-walk away from Hope Village. The village houses convicted felons. According to the school, the location is ideal, as it makes it accessible to the children who need such system. The school believes in educating children right within their locality rather than forcing them to travel to a different neighborhood. The network notes that teacher’s diversity has better influence on children compared to new locality and class diversity.

George Soros Philanthropic Influence across the Globe

In the list of the world’s famous philanthropist, it would be a mistake if George Soro’s name did not appear. The enthusiastic philanthropist has donated over $32 billion to Open Society Foundations all of which are from his fortunes .George in his many years of supporting and advocating the freedom of expression for groups like the LGBT has not only earned interest from many conspiracy theorists but also the title of the boogeyman.Having had experienced the Nazi Era first hand, which saw over 500,000 Hungarian Jews murdered, he for sure built the tough skin from his childhood experience. George Soros and his family had survived the Nazi brutality by forging their identity and hiding their backgrounds. His father had gone ahead to assist other Hungarians in concealing their identity. He left Budapest for London in 1947 for London. George was studying at the London School of economics at the time and doubling as a railway porter and a night-club waiter to financially support his education. He later moved to the United States in 1956 where he got into finance and investment industry and gradually accumulated his wealth. The Soros Fund Management was launched in the year 1970.

The launching of the firm brought him into becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American history.Soros started his philanthropic work in the year in 1979 by giving Black South Africans scholarships. The beneficiaries were mainly victims of the Apartheid. He also extended his support to the idea of communism in Hungary by funding educational visits of the Hungarians to the west and helping independent cultural groups. He put up the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin wall. The University was meant to help critical thinkers at the time. He later on expanded his philanthropic deeds to Africa, the United States, Asia, and Latin America.Criticism has met his ideas and ideologies, but he remains as vocal in what he stands for, he was the first man to openly criticize the war on drugs and termed it as more harmful than the drugs themselves.

Soro’s has also been very vocal on the fight for the rights on same-sex marriage.The Open Society Fund Management is a hedge fund that works to promote the rights of the discriminated groups all around the world. The organization focuses on teams like the LGBT, commercial sex workers and drug addicts. George recently transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation to fund its future projects. His great philanthropy has indeed extended over and beyond different continental borders. He supports other organizations such as the Institute of New York Economic Thinking, International Crisis Group, the Global Witness, The European Council on Foreign Relations and many more. He remains one of the most influential people in the USA.

David McDonald leads OSI Group to become a leading provider of value-added proteins

OSI Group is a premier supplier of value-added proteins such as pizza, sausage links, beef patties, and sandwiches. OSI Group has its main offices in Aurora, Illinois, and food processing facilities that are spread across 17 different countries that include China and European Countries. In China alone, OSI Group has eight factories that are fully operational supplying high-quality meat products to the extensive Chinese food market.

OSI Group is led by David McDonald who serves as the COO and the President of the Group of companies operating under OSI Group, LLC. He has been in the company since the early 1990s where he joined the company after graduating from Lowa State University. McDonald studied animal science and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University.

Since McDonald took over reigns as the President and the COO of OSI Industries, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Recently, OSI Industries was ranked among the top hundred biggest privately owned companies in the U.S. by the Forbes. McDonald plans to make OSI Group the biggest producer of meat products and other high-quality foods in the world.

In line with OSI Group expansion strategy, McDonald has led the company into entering into strategic partnerships and making strategic acquisitions in Europe, China, and also at home where they recently acquired the former Tyson Foods facility. In China, McDonald has led OSI Industries into partnering with DOYOO Group. The two giant companies launched a mega processing facility in Henan province in 2012.

Besides the expansion projects in Asia countries, McDonald has guided OSI Group through numerous profitable endeavors. Some of the successful projects that OSI Industries launched in the last five years include the expansion of the Poland meat processing facility. The beef-processing factory increased its production by over 30 percent.
OSI Group has also managed to build a new frozen food processing factory in India. Besides, the company has also established a modern feed mill that is located in Shandong Province. The new feeds manufacturing facility is expected to produce approximately sixty thousand metric tons of feeds annually.

OSI Group acquired Baho Food in 2016 to extend their operations to the European Market. McDonald was happy with the acquisition where he noted that the new facility would enhance the existing products and also increase their demands.

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Fabletics using the Power of the Crowd to Increase Sales and Customers

Savvy brands are now shifting their marketing strategies to focus more on consumer trends and behaviors. The use of crowdsourced reviews is gaining popularity, and companies like Fabletics have realized the power of the crowd in building clients portfolio. Technology has made things much easier and has changed the way people shop. A modern-day customer is a tech-savvy person thus shops online just by the click of a button. Almost everyone has a cell phone or a computer that is connected to the internet. Consumers when they want to purchase a product they go online and source reviews from other consumers. A customer will be influenced to purchase a product that has more positive reviews thus the power of the crowd. The power of the crowd is what Fabletics is leveraging on.

Fabletics was co-founded in 2013 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, and within a short period, its revenues have risen to over 235 million dollars. In addition, the company has more than one million who are subscribed to a monthly plan. Shawn Gold the corporate marketing officer of TechStyle attributes the rapid growth to the power of crowd-sourced reviews. Crowdsource reviews have helped Fabletics acquire new customers, retain the existing customers and as a result increased sales.

Reviews are what customer trust more than an advertisement. This is so because reviews give a firsthand experience of the products. A person who writes a review on a particular product is a person who has already purchased and used the product thus the review is a testimony of how the product is. The more the positive reviews a product gets, the more it attracts potential buyers. Trust is gained from other people’s opinion and feedbacks. Fabletics has capitalized on reviews, and that’s it is why it has succeeded in the activewear industry.

The power of the crowd has helped Fabletics retain most of its customers, over 85 percent of them and has also attracted close to 17 percent new customers through referrals says Gold. Reviews help improve the search ranking of a particular product or company.

Reviews help keep a company in check as no company would want to see negative comments on their product. For any business to be successful, they must be data-driven and take customers reviews more seriously. Being customer focused encourages a business to be more transparent to its clients. This is what Fabletics does. They take reviews and their customers with the seriousness they deserve and in so doing they at least try to respond to 30 % of customers inquiries and have an online platform where customers raise their concern for action and state their preference.

Kate Hudson is Fabletics Partner and also serves as the face of the brand. Don and Adam decided to have Kate as a partner because of her active lifestyle and the fact that she is so approachable.

Fabletics has made the shopping experience easier by creating a lifestyle quiz once you sign up for them. The quiz helps a client determine his/her lifestyle and exercises habits, and as a result, Fabletics creates a product that is customized according to client’s tastes and preferences.

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