Sahm Adrangi the Investment Mogul

His Career background

Sahm Adrangi graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics. His first job was with Deutsche Bank where he worked in the department dealing with leveraged finance. Sahm Adrangi restructured and syndicated any debts that had not been invested by the bank. The same restructuring and syndicating was done on bonds such as leveraged buyouts. He also helped re-finance debts. He has also represented holders of bank debts, creditors, bondholders and preferred equity committees while working at Chanin Capital. He also dealt with settlements done out of court. He was an investment analyst with Longcare Fund, from the Fund, he founded his own firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management and is the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.

Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale Capital was started by Sahm Adrangi in 2009. The firm currently manages $150 million and is focused on investment research. Through his research, Mr. Adrangi corrects misconceptions on various companies that are overhyped or under-followed. He then shares this information on his firm’s website and other investment sites that are interested in his work. His research has led to the exposure of various Chinese companies that are thought to be fraudulent. They include; Lihua International, China Marine food, and China Education Alliance. To know more click here.

Focus on Biotechnology, Mining, and Telecommunication

Sahm Adrangi has changed Kerrisdale’s focus to be on areas that its research has mostly centered on. These include Biotechnology, where Kerrisdale has issued publications on various development stage biotechnology companies like Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics. The company also issued reports on the mining and telecommunications sector. It questioned the various market valuations that companies like First Majestic Silver and the Northern Dynasty gave for prospects. Kerrisdale also exposed companies in the telecommunications sector. It exposed Globalstar’s weak Terrestrial Low Power services.

Investment Activism

Sahm Adrangi ensured, after engaging management, that Lindsay’s Corporation was able to optimize the company’s policies on capital allocation and deployment of cash. His proxy war at Morgan Hotel Group resulted in directors from his slate got elected. He has also spoken at various conferences and has been published widely by various reputable newspapers. He has also held interviews on TV stations like CNBC.