SKOUT Turns Its Users Into Superheroes


The social media app SKOUT has turned many of its users into superheroes recently. In honor of National Superhero Day (April 28) SKOUT encourages its users to give their friends virtual superhero-themed gift. In return, SKOUT would them make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area foundation. And they would continue to do this until a wish was fully funded.

In addition to the virtual gifts, SKOUT also celebrated the day by conducting a survey of its users focused on superheroes. Fully 80 of the app’s users said they wanted to be real life superheroes.

And who were their favorite superheroes? Women preferred Batman while men chose Superman. When asked what superpower they wished they had one-third of respondents said immortality. When asked what it takes to be a superhero in real life 44% said selflessness.

SKOUT has a history of leveraging its virtual gift-giving feature in order to give back to the community. More than 400,000 virtual gifts have been designated for charity use. Throughout its history, SKOUT has made financial contributions to the SF-Marin Food Bank, Muttville and Cat Town.

While many social media platforms allow users to connect and make friends with others it is refreshing to see a tech company harness the power and scale of its users to make a change in real life. SKOUT is an example of how technology can be used for positive change.

But beyond the financial contributions SKOUT has raised national awareness for these and other social issues. Through its efforts, the company has served more than 30,000 people who are food insecure and has facilitated medical care and the adoption of pets in the Bay Area.

SKOUT takes pride in not only bringing new people together but also uniting them in a force for positive change. The app is the largest global platform used for meeting new people and increasing users’ social network. Currently, the community of SKOUT users spans 180 countries and the app is available in 16 languages. Based in San Francisco, the company was started in 2007 and has experienced rapid growth from the outset.

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