Talos Energy introduces new rig

Talos wants to place a new oil rig in Mexican national waters. The oil and natural gas rig operations company needed to get approval from the National Hydrocarbons Committee to build the Zama-2 platform. Mexico’s government recently gave the company the green light to start building the rig.

The new rig uses the latest technologies to make the new well safe and efficient. The company believes the new rig is capable of increasing the company’s production by several hundreds of barrel equivalent per day.

The construction of any new rig brings high paying jobs to people from many different countries. It also provides additional employment opportunities on the mainland of Mexico. The newly produced jobs exist in the shipping and logistics fields.

The new oil rig employs several dozen people who live on the rig while working. People usually go to the rig for several weeks. When there shifts are done, they return home for several weeks off. Rig workers work unusual schedules and often work long shifts. Many systems on the drill need to be monitored around the clock. Each shift of workers must comprise two normal shifts. The rig must also have all the services the workers need, including access to basic medical care.

Talos operates oil and natural gas rigs throughout the gulf of Mexico. They acquired even more rig operation services when they acquire Whistler Energy earlier this year for $52 million. A company spokesperson referred to these events of bringing exciting times to the company.

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