Tech Innovator and Angel Investor Malcolm CasSelle helps OPSkins launch new WAX Virtual Asset Trading Platform

OPSkins is best known as the world leader in the field of virtual video game assets, such as cosmetic skins, but they are also the number-one bitcoin merchant on the planet. With the virtual in-game asset market rapidly expanding, OPSkins, led by CIO Malcom CasSelle, decided to launch an innovative blockchain trading platform designed specifically for the trading of video game assets. The new platform, called WAX or ‘Worldwide Asset eXchange,’ is a P2P marketplace designed to allow for quick, efficient online trading.

WAX is also designed to solve the virtual asset trading problem known as ‘fragmenting’, where factors such as language barriers and payment processing issues cripple many regional cryptocurrency marketplaces. OPSkins is using blockchain technology to eliminate security concerns and create a smoother platform for the exchange of virtual in-game assets. CIO CasSelle is confident that WAX will ignite the field of cryptocurrency and help OPSkins remain a leader in the in-game asset industry.


Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and angel investor who currently serves as OPSkins’ CIO. Prior to joining OPSkins, Mr. CasSelle has served as the CTO and President of New Ventures for tronc, Inc. and the Senior VP and General Manager for Digital Media at SeaChange, and he has also been the leader of tech startups like MediaPass and Xfire. He also worked on Groupon’s joint Chinese venture with Tencent.


CasSelle holds two degrees in computer science: a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master’s degree from Stanford. Aside from his career as a leader of digital media companies and startups, Mr. CasSelle has also been an active angel investor in the digital media field. He made early-stage investments in Facebook and Zynga, and he has recently turned his attention to investing in companies that utilize Bitcoin. He has previously served as a board member of Timeline Labs, and currently serves in advisory positions for Votocast, DirectTech Labs and Sensay.