The Influence of Desiree Perez on the Entertainment Industry Recognized

When “Billboard” releases its list of the most influential female executives in the entertainment industry it is no surprise to find the name of Desiree Perez mentioned in a major way. The Roc Nation executive has been an integral part of the business career of Shawn Carter, better known as rapper Jay-Z for more than a decade and has guided the Roc Nation label to the amazing success it has become in recent years; as both a mentor to artists and a tough negotiator, Desiree Perez has built a powerful career as one of the top female executives in many areas of the entertainment community.

Desiree Perez was one of the original members of the SC Enterprises brand created by Jay-Z to give him a base for his business and musical interests. To build a successful business, Jay-Z allowed a different kind of executive management model to thrive at SC Enterprises and Roc Nation; the decision to create a group of experienced executives was an easy one to take and has seen various executives take on wide-ranging roles within the company allowing Desiree Perez to build her knowledge of different aspects of the entertainment sector. The wide-ranging role undertaken by Desiree Perez has seen her named to the multisector list of influential female executives created by “Billboard”.

Gaining from the experience and business skills of Desiree Perez has been the aim of many of the artists at Roc Nation and the label itself. When the 10-year, $100 million deal to establish Roc Nation as part of the Live Nation business group was negotiated in 2008, Desiree Perez appeared as the lead expert for Jay-Z; a similar role was undertaken by the entrepreneur when the deal was renegotiated in 2017 and a further distribution deal was created with the Universal Music Group.