The JustFab Success Story

Don Ressler is an American born entrepreneur and CEO of an increasingly popular American based athletic retailer Fabletics. To discover the source of this man’s success, you need to look all the way back to when his successful string of creating startups began. In 2001, his very first startup, was purchased a company by the name of Intermix Media. Through this company Don Ressler met Intermix COO Adam Goldenberg, and they formed Alena Media together. After Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp in 2005, the company started to see a sharp downturn because of the new management. Instead of sitting by idly to watch their division be ignored, Adam and Don left to pursue new interests.

Knowing of their skills in online performance advertising, Adam and Don Ressler decided to create a brand building company that they could run remotely. After gathering together some former coworkers and several brainstorming sessions, their company “Brand Ideas” was born. Later, Brand Ideas would change their name to Intelligent Beauty. Ressler and Goldenberg very first creation was DERMSTORE, which was an online business that specialized in skin care and cosmetics. Two years after the success of DERMSTORE, they launched a weight loss system known as SENSA. Although Intelligent Beauty does not release financial reports, both SENSA and DERMSTORE are said to be highly profitable.

The success of the prior startups sparked them to launch a third company in 2010, called JustFabulous. Marketed as a subscription ecommerce fashion retailer, the company went on to receive 33 million dollars in funding. By the end of 2011, business was thriving and the company had over 4 million subscribers. Just four months later in April of 2012, the 6 million subscriber point was passed. After passing that milestone, the startup was able to receive an additional 76 million in funding from various partners including parent company Intelligent Beauty.

After having such success in just it’s first two years, JustFab starting seeking opportunities to move into new markets. On January 18th, 2013 JustFab purchased a children’s fashion subscription service by the name of FabKids. Four months later in May, they acquired European ecommerce site The Fab Shoes, adding not only their business but over 500,000 customers to the company. JustFab went on to launch Fabletics later that year, a fashion service for activewear developed in collaboration with Kate Hudson. In August 2014, an additional 85 million dollars funding round closed and brought the company’s total capital to approximately 250 million dollars.