Todd Lubar: The Influential Real Estate Industrialist

The Real Estate Industry in Baltimore has been on the verge of hitting its downside. Progressively, the industry seems to gain ground once more. In April, 2016, the sales of foreclosure homes dropped by 7 percent in Baltimore Metropolis as compared to the previous year. Various regulations have been amended in Maryland due to this crisis. These reviews have made regulations on Real Estate consumer-friendly. Consequently, foreclosure properties are seemingly taking an advanced pace in Maryland than in the neighboring metro cities. Owing to this, the median sales of foreclosures shot to $243,000. That is a 6 percent increase from 2015 to 2016. In fact, it is the highest figure since 2008.

In 1995, Todd Lubar kicked off his career in the Real Estate industry. He started off as a loan promoter for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He became a specialist in mortgage banking; an experience he terms as invaluable. He associated with professionals faceted to the industry, for instance; CPAs and insurance brokers. This familiarity has lengthened his list of referrals.

About Todd Lubar

He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures Inc. and the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Previously, he assumed managerial position at Crestar Mortgage Inc. in 1995, and held the position for four years. More details can be found on his Yelp profile.

As per LinkedIn, the year 1999 marked a major milestone in his career. He accepted a niche at Legacy Financial Group. That presented him the chance to gain further experience. Later on, he started Legendary Properties Inc. The development company deals with properties of all sorts. After 12 years in the industry, he started Legendary Financial LLC as an affiliate of Legendary Properties. This financial unit enabled him to solicit financial aid from overlooked sources. In 2005, he took up the position of Senior Vice President at Charter Funding, an affiliate unit of First Magnus Financial Group, for 2 years

Before the commencement of his career, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications in 1995. In 1987, he went to Peddie School, where he completed his high school curriculum. Prior to that, Todd Lubar he attended Sidwell Friends School located in Washington, DC for ten years.

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