Two Relatives of President Maduro are Arrested for Drug-Trafficking

More Venezuelan authorities have been discovered in the trafficking and distribution of drugs than ever before. In the past five years according to My Space, over 100 military and police officials have been found and accused of drug trafficking between their country and the United States, states the prosecutor’s office of Venezuelan. In 2011, America arrested four Venezuelan officials and accused them of being supportive of Colombian rebels dealing narcotics and guns. They were added to the U.S. “kingpin” list.
In November 2015, the arrests got closer to the top of the Venezuela pyramid of power as two relatives of the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, were arrested by U.S. officials for drug trafficking. The two relatives, Franqui Francisco Flores-de Freitas and Efraín Antonio Campo-Flores are the nephew and stepson of the President’s wife. Expert Diaz Granaos thinks that President Maduro has led a violent pathway to the presidency, and this arrest is one more bullet in his opposer’s gun.

The arrest couldn’t have come at a more strategic point in the President’s attempt to calm the country. The following day, Mr. Maduro was scheduled to make a controversial speech in Geneva at the UN Human Rights Council. The subject of his speech was the hotly-contested local elections, which ignited much anger and political frustration in Caracas.