Venezuelans Protest Food Shortages

Many Venezuelans have now taken to the streets to protest the deplorable conditions found in their country. With the economy crashing and shortages now occurring not only in electricity but basic necessities such as food and water, the situation in Venezuela has reached critical mass. President Nicholas Maduro, who is facing increasing calls to step down by opposition groups who have won control of the parliament, is saying that the opposition wants to overthrow him through a coup.
Maduro’s response to the growing discontent in his country and growing protests is to give a show of force that he is still firmly in control and that the country is not yet in full flung chaos. Unfortunately as seen by Jose Manuel Gonzalez, some of the protests have become violent as angry mobs looking for food clashed with national guardsman, police or the army when food trucks were told to bypass their local supermarkets.

To give you an idea of the dire situation in Venezuela, some people have been without meat for over a month. Some women have been waiting in lines since the early morning at a supermarket, then they were told in the mid afternoon that the market would not open today due to a shortage of food.

“I can only see protests and discontent increasing” says Jose Gonzalez . Maduro, meanwhile is using force to quash any protests or disorder. The economy and energy crisis meanwhile only worsens, leading you to wonder will things get worse before they get better?