What Initiatives is George Soros taking to create a Better Society?

Have you ever thought about the situation which the people who went through the Holocaust had to endure; the complete horror of watching loved ones being taken away for good? Well, this is one of the events that characterized George Soros’ childhood. When he was just a teenager, he faced the reality of the Nazi operation in Hungary where he was born. He was forced to run from his country and his family, ending up in England. It was his effort which led to his enrollment in the London School of Economics, and his eventual success as an entrepreneur.

Soros big break as an investor came in 1993. After making a short sale of 10 billion pounds, he moved to New York. He has set up his businesses in the City, and also managed to create a lot of influence in social justice. There was a time when he was involved in fighting for the rights of South African students to access scholarships. He condemned the Marxist regime in Eastern Europe and helped groups that advocated for its end.

In the recent past, Soros has supported groups that advocate for equal rights for people of all races. He parted with money that was used in the demonstrations which led to the Black Lives Matter movement. The issue became a topic for national debate when a white policeman shot an African American teenage boy, and the crime was seen to be racially motivated. When the protesters went to Fergusson in their busloads, and their voice on why black lives are important was heard. Today, there are players in the basketball teams that take a knee during the singing of the anthem. It is a direct message that patriotism is standing for the equality and diversity that the country was founded on.

Another great cause that he has been part of is advancing the Democratic Party agenda. There was a time when Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, claiming that they were manufacturing nuclear warheads. This led to the death of millions of innocent civilians and the displacement of others, all which created a humanitarian crisis. He supported the candidature of John Kerry in 2004, with the hope that he would help get to the White House and make policy changes that would end the meaningless wars. When Kerry lost, he dialed back on politics. He later re-emerged during the Clinton campaign and contributed more than $25 million towards her re-election. Soros believed in Hillary’s politics. He has always believed in Liberal politics because they represent a modern society. He also believes that it is only through endless efforts that the influence of retrogressive policies and groups can be countered in the country and the world.